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Q And A With Bhia Sewa Singh Tarmala(Gurmat Naam)

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I have been looking for this video forever to share with anyone who does simran. Bhia Sewa Singh Ji Tarmala answers so many hard question we have on how to do simran,how we came into this life,what is Waheguru,how to we meet him, what is maya, how to open dasam dwar and what jugtis to use. Bhai Sahib shares this knowledge from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

This is a must for anyone on spiritual path. It is over 4 hours long, you can click on the youtube channel to find this same video cut into smaller parts.

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That first video was absolutely amazing. I realized the importance of saas saas and rom rom simran and why we are told to do it.

Key points I have taken away.

When doing saas saas simran one should be totally absorbed in the breathing and mantra and pay no attention to the body.

They key to rom rom simran was to do simran with the surti only which is faster than doing saas saas simran. One is to fill the belly with air and hold it. Then as long as you can hold it to do simran synchronising with the pulse. One is to place their dhyan either on the trikurti or at the nabi at that time.

Question 17.

How is rom rom Simran (meditation in which every cell vibrates and resonates with the sound Vaheguru, Vaheguru ) done?

Answer 17:

Consciousness manifests in every cell of the human body. It is this consciousness that yamas (the minions of death) snatch out at the time of death. This results in agonizing pain. To escape this agony all manmukhs pray for mercy. But to escape Yamas noose, we have to do rom rom Simran; so that, we can master the technique of withdrawing our consciousness from our cells and bring it back at will. In this way we can freely go to and come back from our Nij-ghar (The Tenth Door). This Simran (rom, rom Simran) is done only after one has become an adept in swaas, giraas technique (inhale, exhale method). In this method when surat (consciousness) has become attuned to the Sabad, breathing is briefly held and the sound of Gurmantra (Vaheguru) is synchronized with the heartbeat. This will cause every cell to vibrate and resonate with the beat of the sound current of Gurmantra synchronized with the heartbeat. Gradually, every thing that one will come in contact with will seem to be chanting ‘Vaheguru, Vaheguru’in spontaneous and continuous stream of divine sound. This method of Simran is called ‘rom, rom simran.’about this Gurbani says:

End goal is to detach and pop out of this body by latching onto the naad. Once you hear the naad you can use it to go wherever you wish since naam is everywhere.


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I found this open sangat q&a session with Bhai Sewa Singh ji very useful in answering some of the questions I also had.

Taken from the video broadcast on wahegurulive.com of the simran camp from the morning of 31-12-2009.



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