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~Happy Gurpurb Of Jagat Guru-Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji ~


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Happy Avtar Purb of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji to all.During this auspicious occasion of Satguru Nanak Dev Avtar Purb (Divine incarnation of Lord himself)- Let us also ponder upon ~Absolute real essence meaning of - Nanak which is beyond birth and death, which is beyond 5 divine elements of avtar- shud satoguni Parbrahm..!!


source - Absolute meaning of 'Nanak' in japji sahib teeka by sant gyani gurbachan singh khalsa bhindranwale pdf page- 186





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Vaadiyan! To all Sikhs and the entire world. Shining light in an extremely troubled time.


I did not have much time earlier to write about this auspicious day but I will now.

Men like Guru Nanak Dev ji are true Yug Purush's, if I may borrow a term from my own religion, men who by their mere presence in a particular age undoe the evil effects.

I'm told from my own granths that when the "shabad falls into disrepute" then the Supreme Lord takes birth to re-establish the law.

Guru Nanak was truly an incarnation of the Cosmic Energy that prevails in the universe and had all the qualities of a true Sat Guru.

In the presence of the satguru; Knowledge flourishes (Gyana raksha); Sorrow diminishes (Dukha kshaya); Joy wells up without any reason (Sukha aavirbhava); Abundance dawns (Samriddhi); All talents manifest (Sarva samvardhan).

And I think I spelled Vaadayan wrong!

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Here are translations, note its not exact word by word but i have tried very best to provide essence meaning, please forgive me if there any mistakes mere mortals can only try so much:

Nanak Padh daie Arth (Meaning of Nanak term)

1. Nanak is free from counting/numbers/types. Nanak is free from duality, that which is non dual is Nanak

  Jot roop har aap Guru nanak kahaieo || 

Vahiguru Jot roop which is awakened light/knowledge is Guru nanak

2. Just like how everything in this world has two sides, two positions, two- duality but nanak(non duality) is opposite of ank (duality)

3. Anek term deonates dulta 0 always moving/changing not constant

Nanak is which is free from duality, is ek ras (constant/permenant), free from counting/numbers

4. Na (means purakh - complete supreme being) An (free) AK (means dukh- sorrow) - complete supreme being which is sat(eternal) chit (pure consciousness/knowledge) anand (bliss) which is free from sarrow/sadness/misery that saroop(formless form) is real/absolute complete truth form, that formless form satguru nanak manifsted itself to save bhagats (devotee).

5. Na (Non) that which is all prevading in all. Alaf (which is ek ras - constant), non ( that which provides absolute nihal-hapiness to all) kaf (kanaet) that which gives complete contenment/grace to all is nanak

This meaning came from bhai nand lal ji - Tosifo Sanah

6. N (purak- complete being) An + ak - free from sadness/suffering. That (Ak) which is free from sadness/suffering (An) paremshvar is nanak.

7. (Noun) that which gives good attributes, that Alaf (ala roop (noun) gives nauyemat/graceful/contenment is Nanak. 

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On ‎11‎/‎9‎/‎2014 at 3:13 PM, mahanpaapi said:

N30 bhaa Ji,


i have a reques, is it possible assign an exclusive corner or space, for Gurpurabs or special days posting only. otherwise, in a mash of discussions the Gurpurabs are usually lost?

I think this is a good idea

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