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Baba Atal ji


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The Story of Baba Atal ji

Baba Atal was a son of Guru Har Gobind. He was very smart, active and sportive. He was deeply religious. When playing with the children of the city, he used to tell them many wise things.Whatever he said,'even in jest, has some deep meaning. All his playmates loved and obeyed him. Guru hargobind was specially kind to him. he used to take him in his lap, fondle him and say 'God has given you much power,Don't make a show of it. If you have to use it. use it with catuion nd wisdom. don't waste it away on little things. Baba Atal used to say in reply, 'O true king, all power i posses, i have obtained it from you. Your store-house can never get empty. Therefore i may use it to my heart's content. It will never be used up.'

One of Baba Atal's playmates was named Mohan. He was eight years of age. He was about the same age as Baba Atal. He and Baba Atal ji used to play bat and ball. One day, they played on until night fall. At the end of the play, it was baba Atal's turn to use the bat. It was mohans turn to throw and pick up the ball. It was agreed between them that Baba Atal would get his turn the next morning.

Both boys went home. At night, Mohan got up from his bed to answer a call of nature. The night was pitch dark. In the dark, he was bitten by a COBRA. He began to cry loudly. His cried awoke his parents. They rushed to him. They found him fainting. they sent for a doctor. But the cobra's poison had done its work. The boy died of the snake bite.

Next morning, Baba Atal went to mohan's hourse. He found Mohan's parents and others weeping. He was told that Mohan had died. Baba Atal said, 'No, he is not dead. He pretends to be dead. He does not wish to give me my turn with the bat. I will make him get up.'

Saying this , he went to Mohan's room. He touched him with his bat and said,'Mohan get up, say "Sat Nam Waheguru". Open your eyes. You should not be so late to rise from bed. I must have my turn at the bat.'

Upon this , Mohan got up as if from sleep. He had been dead for hours. Naturally his parents were filled with joy. Baba Atal and Mohan went out and began to play.

Guru Har Gobind came to know what his son had done. He was not at all pleased. He said ,'It has become a habit with Atal to waste away his powers. He has not acted well or wisely. Now, Whenever any boy might die his parents will bring him to our door. Whose dead son shall we bring back to life and whose son shall we allow to remain dead? We must all obey God's will. We should not try to undo what He has done.

When Baba Atal ji returned hone, the Guru said to him angerily,; I teach men to obey god's will. But you act against his will.' Baba Atal said, ' O true King, may you live for ages. I feel that i should go back to our true home.'

So saying, he went away. He took his bath in the sacred tank. He then went four times round the sacred temple of Har Mandar. Then he went to the tank named Kaulsar. he sat near its bank. Bending his head forward, he supported his chin with his bat. With his eyes fixed on the sacred temple, he repeated the Japji, then he offered Prayers. After that he departed to the True Home or God's Presence.

Guru Har Gobing soon learnt about Baba Atal's departure from the world. He advised his family and his Sikhs not to weep. He said, 'All have to die. Such is the Almighty's Will. What pleases him is good. We should accept it cheerfully. Atal's name and fame shall live for ever.'

Baba Atal's Body was cremated at the spot where he had left it. The guru said, ' Atal has, by God's Will, given up his body in his ninth year. A nine storeyed temple shall be built here. It shall be seen from afar. At this shrine , the hungry will get food free,everyday.'

At the spot Stands a beautiful nine-storyed gurdwara, called Baba Atal Sahib. Faithful Sikhs distribute cakes of bread to all the visitors. The hungry people assembly there and repeatedly say,

'O Baba Atal

Pakkian Pakkian Ghal'

'O Baba Atal, send us well baked cakes'

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

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