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Walking Around New York In A Hijab


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Cover up and stay decent to avoid trouble.

If you don't look at anyone, no one will look at you.

Don't talk to strangers. Don't talk too much.

Just mind your own business and stay out of trouble.

Buy a hijab for yourself and make sure it is a designer one in your size and in your favorite color.

Wear matching shoes and not white trainers, I think, they look horrible. Don't wear high heels or you might trip over and get hurt. A nice pair of dark sun glasses will look good and stylish. No make-up.

Think positive and wish everyone well.

Be kind to others. Show compassion. Be willing to help. Be a good listener. it's easy when you have a hijab on.

Don't visit NY if you can help it!

Smile and be happy :D

Last but not least, don't ever, ever lose sight of your handbag, whatever you do!

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Full length hijab is decent. It will definitely stop any male attention and it will also keep you safe. I wear mine 24/7 and feel very good in it. :D

Doesn't your man ever tell you to take it off at night?

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Your so rite and you can boro from me when you want :unsure:

So you wear a hijab?

In another thread you was saying how religion is all fake and man made??


I take it you are being sarcastic.

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I was only joking.... but i don't beleive in god.

Just out of curiosity - what drove your actions to come onto a forum with a clearly religious affiliation then?

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