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Are Amritdharis Allowed To School Proms?

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No ...amritdharis are strictly forbidden from attending prom nights for graduations !

Seriously.... what do you think really matters ??

Is it to attend or not attend your prom ? OR what you do and don't do at the prom ?

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that kind of place or party doesnt suit a singh or sikhnie

how will guru feel , about his sikh going to such place

veerji, It's not about if it suits a singh or not..... Guruji and gurmukhs see the brahmjyot and akal purakh in everything and everyone.

remember that we have to be the lotus floating along the maya ocean......

ਜਲ ਪੁਰਾਇਨਿ ਰਸ ਕਮਲ ਪਰੀਖ ॥

Jal purā▫in ras kamal parīkẖ.

This is the true mark of wisdom: that one remains detached, like the water-lily, or the lotus upon the water

I hope we all get to understand and feel this one day.

I know some of the sikh rebels will come up with pangtees about how we should avoid sangat of negative and wrongdoing jeevs.....yes very true.... but are you doing their sangat if your mind is with waheguru ?

My answer is no and personally i have learned how I can draw the line to remain dissociated....which seems to work for my personal benefit.

Sikhi does not teach us to deny Waheguru's creation and all his 'Kar'-doing'

This doesn't mean that you fool yourself and start walking into stripclubs by choice because you think your unattached.

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The point to going and attending somewhere is whether you shall be able to conduct yourself with a respect and dignity that becomes a gursikh. If you shall be able to conduct yourself like a Gursikh you can go to a prom or anywhere else. At a prom probably there might be flirtations with opposite sex, there will be liberties taken, there might be alcohol or some drug or something like that. Ask yourself what kind of environment would there be? Would there be focus on looking sexy and attractive and impressing others and looking cool? All these values are not in line with being a gursikh.

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If you are able to go to public recreation swimming pool or hot tubs lets say.... and there are plenty of bikini wearing goriyan and remembering that for them it is the normal and appropriate wear for that environment...... then can you go about and use the facilities without even one single look or kaam thought coming in your mind ?

If you can't then you aren't strong enough.... you need to practice.... avoiding the hot tub or pool is not the answer is it ?

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Another aspect is the outright luloofying of Amritdhari Sikh men.

Go just to see what goes on in the world. Tomorrow your daughter or son might ask you if they can go: at least you'll have a true picture of what goes on.

It's this locking yourself out from the real world that creates Sikhs who are totally clueless.

Then you wonder why so many Sikh girls and boys from 'respectable' families are running around doing all kinds of gundh undercover whilst their parents are oblivious...

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Exactly Dalsingh ji...

I think that most of us sikhs in the west have learned our lessons by seeing where and how things went wrong with many sikhs amongst us...and especially in the last 25 yrs.

If you want to be a clueless and locked out sikh, then go live in some isolated ashram or create your own prison where you can go forth and multiply.

I don't know too much about social upbringing in india... but the ones who raise their kids with the ''you can't do this'' and ''you must only do this'' attitude, are the ones that come to regret in later years.

I can't force sikhi on my kids or insist that they must do x amount hours of simran.....but I try and teach them how to do simran and assure them that there will come a time later in life when they won't regret knowing what I taught them.

It's my duty to teach them the ''How'' but not to be enforcing it on them.

I feel more than assured that they know where to turn to when they may face obstacles or hurdles in their life.

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we are not allowed to see, women without clothes .

the simple answer would be just do not go to that place.

Savinderpalsingh ji.... you are in a totally different boat and that attitude would not work amongst the sikh communities in my vicinity.

Over here it's that very attitude that would result in sikhi being completely wiped out with your 3rd generation..ie..your kids children.

God has given us 2 eyes and 2 ears in order to listen and hear BOTH sides of any equation. However, we have One tongue that is for uttering the Truth... therefore, you should firstly watch,listen and learn before using your One tongue.

someone mentioned the word 'khaliban' before somewhere.... and I'm now beginning to understand what it means.

No more comment.

Nada mas que decir.......adios!

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Go: just to check that there is no dumb Sikh girl being gang banged in the toilets. You know what kind of dumb shit they get themselves into.... lol

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savinderpalsingh ji... no disrespect meant.... you seem to be favouring the life of an ascetic?? You can't just wall yourself away from everything. There's two options if you want to live like a GUrsikh is supposed to:

1) Wall yourself up - move to the forest in the mountains and live the life of an ascetic avoiding any and all temptation so you don't accidentally fall. What is this really saying? That you are too weak to avoid temptation that is around you?

2) Live life in this reality... this reality that was created, all of it... by Waheguru Ji. Yes you will come across temptation, and the real test in my opinion, is in facing these challenges and still persevering. I work a lot as a volunteer medical responder at concerts etc. One would say that being around music concerts, where people are drunk, on drugs etc Gursikhs should just avoid all together. I'd rather help these people. I immerse myself right in the middle of it all, and catch those who fall. I have held the head of countless drunk teenage throwing up, I have bandaged bleeding fists from drunken fights, I have consoled people who were affected by drugs, and even a few who attempted suicide and were unstable.

A school prom, there should no absolutely no alcohol as they are underage. There will be dancing... and socializing. It's one of the last chances for students to interact with their friends before they all move on. I don't know what kind of proms you guys have seen, but here, there are chaperones, no alcohol, even a police officer is on site. Having said that, yes I am sure some flirting goes on, but its a personal choice to ignore it. Anything more than flirting would be easily caught before anything happened. If you can't go a simple school prom, and interact without falling into temptation, then how do you expect to make it through life? If you don't think you can resist the temptation, then move into the forest and join savinderpalsingh ji as an ascetic.

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A lot of amrithdharis have been asked if they are allowed to go to prom,me being one of the people asked. I was wondering are amrithdharis allowed to school proms ?

Well, I think the first thing here is, have you been asked?

Otherwise, everything else is moot.

Having said that, better safe than sorry

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