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Why Muslim And Hindus Hate Sikhism

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If you give a hoot about every little fudhu comment made about Sikhs on the Internet - you've seriously got too much time on your hands.

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Those who just hate others for the sake of dharam, mazab, race, color, social status .... are all blind.

They fail to see, His lIght. He is present in each and every being, so by hating others, we are getting ourselves from the reality.

For that reality, which is present in us, is the same in all, all due their existences to it

For example, we have a house of 4 rooms, one is painted with blue colour, 2nd with pink, the third with white, and the fourth with green, and in all of them we put a 100 watt bulb, so not because of the walls being painted with different colours, will be more luminous than others, because the Light Power in them is same, which is as said above = 100 watts.

In a similar way, His Light shines in all of us, but due to the huge amount agyanta and mamukhta, the bulb´s Light is covered by layers of dark cloth on it, so naturally, that is why there is so much spiritually blind fanatism.

This abnormal behaviour, has an Ardas as solution: Wahiguru, forgive them, and bless them with the right thinking.

Sat Sree Akal.

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