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Baba Ram Rai

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i live in dehradun place where ram rai set his dera and every year five days after holi there is a fair in his darbar called jande da mela and on this occasion my famliy also visit his darbar. I had seen many sikh visiting ram rai darbar and when i had asked one of the sikh that rehat maryada stop us to visit here then whyyou visit hetold me that in rehat maryada it is said that a sikh should not go to his sirinagar dera becouse there they belive ram rai as a sikh guru but here gurugobind singh ji also visited and mata punjab kaur said the sikh ardas there and she accepted that ram rai was not guru so we can visit here but we don't have to visit sirinagar dera. so i want to know that visiting ramrai dera is right or wrong

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as a general rule: any place where He is not within our mind, that is a bad palce, at the same time any place where He is present in our mind, that place becomes sanctified.

Places by themselves have not that importance, it is our attachment with Him, that counts. You see, He is as much present in the bad or good according to our perceptions... not because we think bad of someone, so He too will leave that person. That is a vey limited and a narrow minded vision.

Through Gurmat, let us broaden our minds.

He is our only relation, our only Beloved, all else is koor, is fanah....

And do understand, that Wahiguru is first within us, all other places are vaccum, consciousless, made of the 5 perishable tatwas or elements.

That is why the Bani says: Har mandir ehu sareer hae, gyan ratan pargat hoe.

So you see, you yourself are a temple in motion, wherever you move to, you carry Wahiguru with you there, then, what is left outside?

Naturally only a handful of dust ....

So you see, usually we people tend to do what we have heard, what we have seen and observed, but the fact is, usually we are blindly follwing the blind.....

So, let us listen, and read the Bani of our Guru Sahibans as much as possible with love, to allow their Amrit Bachans go deep into our beings by acting accordingly to it , thus we will surely derive benefits at all levels, from their utter Truthful and sublime Gyan.

Sat Sree Akal.

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