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I am doing a scripture search and have found most of the stuff at : http://searchgurbani.com/ but the site has some issues so I am wondering if anyone has the following with or without translations

1. Tausif - O - Sana/Khatima

2. Urz - Ul - Alfaz

3. Dastur - Ul - Insha

4. Sanskrit Saloks of Bhai Gurdas (have heard they are in Suraj Granth but would like to confirm this since I can't read Gurmukhi)

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Here is Charitrio Pakyaan in English:





Remember no translation should ever be considered perfect.

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Thanks, any clue about the works of Bhai Nand Lal or sanskrit saloks of Bhai Gurdas Ji since one of this documents says : "He (Pritpal Bindra) has also completed the English translations of all of the poetical works of Bhai Nand Lal Goya"

Also I have been able to find Sakhi Rehit Ke : https://archive.org/details/SakhiRehatKiBhaiNandLal but am wondering if you know where I could possibly get an english translation if their is one available

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