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What Nihangs Think About Nidar Singh


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If you listen to Puratan Nihangs ..its not much different from what he says ..specially if you listen to Baba Ballisingh 's videos on youtube ..in my opinion Nidar exaggerates which maybe part of his business gimmicks..in his initial version of shastarvidiya he gave too much weight to sukkha and jhatka maryada ...as if without them one is not a Sikh..he is got a dumb webmaster there ...says things the wrong way.

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Another flaw is with his claim as the last master of shastarvidiya..unnecessarily inviting trouble

I thought his claim was about "Hindu-Sikh Shastarvidya".

Anyways, even gatka is called shastarvidya nowadays (which it is a small part of). What Nidar teaches is something else that I haven't seen with traditional Nihangs. And skimming over his website, I noticed he seemed to have a lot of knowledge of supposedly ancient fighting techniques.

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have watched the video, but whoever makes these videos needs to get the Nihangs to introduce themselves, name, rank and shouni to make it more authentic. This could be passed off as just some random guys. Make it more official.

If I'm not mistaking, I've seen those Nihangs before in India, also in a Video ( besides this one) on YouTube or something. Especially the Farla-wala Nihang Singh.

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The claim of the hindu-sikh sanatan thing was the biggest issue they had from what I saw. What about sampuran singh nihangs claim of being the same?

I feel, from what I see, that people like holding onto titles and don't scratch below the surface to see what is going on and how/why things have evolved.

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On 1/16/2016 at 8:41 PM, amardeep said:

English. He also had some pahari style paintings specially made for the book depicting the charitre


Have you seen any of these paintings ?


On 1/15/2016 at 9:48 AM, amardeep said:

Nidar Singh will be publishing a translation of the Charitro Pakhyan in the NeXT couple of months


Lol. Working desi time. Only 2 years over.

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