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~ Nanak Shah Fakir-Review~


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Here is the short review from ss from akaal warrior

I just wanted to say that I was on the fence about this one. I ended up just going to watch the movie at the theatre, and all I can say is wow! The movie is absolutely amazing. I did not find anything disrespectful about the movie. I think it all comes down to intention and perception. The movie was done very respectfully... , and honestly, it can change people's lives. Just to watch all the sakhis I've heard come to life was amazing.

I used to be against the portrayal of our Gurus, but the way this movie was done was absolutely brilliant. they didn't show the face directly, about 99% of the shots were from behind. The trailer shows one shot from the side which shows some face, but it was for about 5 seconds. The rest was from behind. Honestly, the message in the movie was great. I can picture Hindus converting to Sikhism after watching this.

we are always complaining about our youth being lost and into drinking and drugs. but we do nothing about that. Whenever something positive comes around we start to complain, without even giving it a chance. and then we wonder why barely anyone in the world knows about our religion. It is our own fault. We are still living in the stone ages. we live such a fear based life style, that everything is considered disrespect in our eyes, and we don't even really know why. The person who is playing the role of Guru Ji is NOT claiming to be him, or claiming to be like him. He is just playing a role to get the message out, and the movie is very effective. Me and my friends loved it, and will watch it again. It's truly a magical movie and inspiring. just because someone many decades ago said that nobody can portray Guru Ji, we just clung on to it, and stopped using our own logic. We made our own rules when it comes to computer generated images, like chaar sahibzaday. Who decides what is ok and what isn't? I think there should be restrictions though. Any movie like this should get Akal takht approval. Anyways, the movie is awesome, and life changing. I am sure if a person who doesn't approve of it actually went to watch it, they will be quite moved. Like I said... It was all done respectfully. And to people claiming anti sikh forces are responsible for this movie, all I can say is please use your logic. If anything, people would want to become Sikhs after watching this

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Here are some of thoughts from facebook on the movie:

Here are some of my thoughts with regards to the showing of 'Nanak Shah Fakir' and why I think it is a non-issue.

premise 1: Baba Nanak did not worship any human, nor did he allow or promote himself to be worshipped.

Thought 1: By protesting Nanak Shah Fakir, are people not indirectly worshipping a form? When the aspect of Baba Nanak was 'transferred' (poorly translated) to Guru Angad and onwards....obviously the 'body' did not matter

premise 2: Gurbani was received by Baba Nanak, that was what touched people. Sheikh Sajjan/Sajjan thug didn't know there was anything divine about Guru Nanak, nor did Bhai Lehna...It was when the bani came that people were touched.

Thought 2: When the 'divinity' lies in what was recieved, at most some basic fable-like morals and anecdotes (at best) will be what will be conveyed to the audience. This is just a CGI version of the Janamsakhis.

Premise 3: No successive guru changed the bani of their predecessor, to the extent that you will find a 'variation' of the bani of a predecessor whereever it has reappeared within gurbani. It was all 'received'. Each guru also prepared others to be 'able' to receive the bani. That being said, the sikh canon ends with the 10 gurus.

Thought 3: No one person, one philosophy, literal or theatrical can 'truly' convey the meaning of gurbani. At best, you can have an interpretation. The interpretation that aligns with the ongoing narrative is both strong and weak. It is strong because people will be able to engage with some 'values', 'stories', 'beliefs' that they are familiar in a new way. The weakness comes in with people complacently enjoying the aesthetics and not delving further....but that is also a positive because it may stir self reflection. So, the movie is great because it will allow people to self reflect. In doing so, it may help to break ludicrous constructs such as 'you need a realized soul to explain gurbani'...my question to those who say that is When guru angad didn't 'copy/regurgitate' the gurbani receieved by guru nanak, then who has given someone today any right to provide anything more than an interpretation?

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I'm very disappointed that at our local cinema the Khalsa fauge is protesting outside and sending people away who want to watch it and gurdwaras are writing to them to get further showings removed.

Seriously, I don't understand why collective sikh community does not stand up against these right wing hooligans, self proclaimed self righteous obnoxious groups. I know they are afraid retaliation, demonization, shaming and ostracization from these people but there comes an time where sticking to reasonable (this film provides perfect balance of not showing maharaj full face -uphelding satkar and movie) freedom of speech/freedom of liberty principles trumps all as its our very fabric in gurmat sidhant and Our Guru's and shaheeds gave their life for. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj himself was full support of artistic expression in 52 kavi darbar, wrote very beautiful graphic war poetry krishan avtar in sri dasam granth, had support various indic related such as of war/avtar nataks(drama/plays) in his darbar.

As they say, its cowardice to intimidate and send people away, but its bigger cowardice as part of our collective society to sit back and watch intimidation happening. But I understand these types of right wing groups people are really dangerous, they will attack families/petrol bomb cars/smash house windows too as part of retaliation as well.

As you said, you are planning to watch DVD with your family..I too really anticipating to watch it after good reviews, i wasn't planning to watch it before but after i heard good reviews, heard numerous reports sikh right wing people to threaten to kill producer,director of the movie, intimidated sangat sending them away both in canada and UK..I refuse to be silence by these people. I will rebel against these hooligans, shenanigans as well will be watching it fully with my family as well decide it for myself and rather than taking these people word for it.

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I'm not going get involved with these politics and I clearly have no problem with the film from what I have read so far.

It's showing at 2 theaters in Surrey at the moment and we will try and go see it before it get gets taken down.

My kids can't understand why some sikhs are making fuss about and funny enough my younger one innocently assumed that it was because some sikhs may have felt that the film makers were trying to 'islamify' Nanak ji because of the title reference of ''shah'' :o

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they didn't show the face directly, about 99% of the shots were from behind.

Honestly if the actor is capable he can put forth enlightenment through facial expressions really well.

One example is -

Shri Krishna and Ramayan (Ramanand sagar one)

Another example is -

Jesus of Nazareth

These Serials show THREE different types of facial expressions to represent the same things.

Shri Krishna always looks like he is about to laugh, very light mood, very airy feel to him.

Shri Ram looks pure ice. He is so chill, so relaxed. Very icy feel.

Jesus's eyes are intense, he looks like he has seen some shit. Very "I-know-some-shit-which-you-don't" feel

Disclaimer: Now when I talk about expressing enlightenment through facial expression, of course, I am talking about a collective agreement that links certain facial expressions with enlightenment. Enlightenment has no actual facial expressions.

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Protesters have a right to protest, watcher have right to watch and decide for themselves as soon fan of movie hits small finger on protestor and as soon as protestor using intimidation against watcher its against the laws. I cannot believe, cinema pull out the movie give in to pressure of protester..No one can dicate terms what to watch or not watch in western civil soceity/according to Sikh history- we fought against oppressive regimes/people, fought for other rights of freedom of speech and freedom of liberty...We are all adults we can decide for themselves after watching it if it was good or not. Better security should have been there.

Once movie is out in blu ray it will be out in torrents/megashares-millions of download, there is nothing protesters can do.

May be protesters should relax and deep study true nature of satguru (Satguru intertwin relationship between sargun and nirgun-all prevading)- according to gurbani rather than following abhramic version of Satguru.

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It was a brilliant movie. Just saw it yesterday. The scenic beauty was awesome. Siddhs were shown as if they were truely real. What I liked was that the language used was good. Not the common punjabi used today. They used the pakistani punjabi/pathani/hindi ..the way it used to be.

I liked it, though a lot could be improved, but this was just beginning. More refinement needed from spirtual and factual side. Maybe in futurewe see a movie like "the message".

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Oh no! Where do I see it? :S

On a bootleg CD like the majority of people I guess. lol

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An intelligent review from someone who has watched the film and does not have biased opinions towards ithihaas and associated beliefs:

source: https://www.facebook.com/NanakShahFakirFilm/posts/1586073948339870

A reiteration from those who have watched the film. Do read and share.

I have seen people on T.V dramas bowing to photos of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. There are Sikhs that have images of Guru Ji in their homes.

In such dramas I have seen shrines created in these peoples houses where they worship the photo of Guru Ji. I know, it happens in people's houses too, not just on T.V. I have also been told to bow down to a photo of Guru Ji as a child myself.

No one has successfully stopped these companies that allow dramas to include the worshiping of Guru Ji's photo. I'm not saying that we should focus on doing so. I am giving an insight into more 'serious' issues that occur, more 'serious' misunderstandings being placed to a wider audience (and most clearly portraying Sikhs as Hindus).

In relation to the movie I am saying:

1) Guru Ji's face is drawn all around the world by various artists with various depictions. In the movie Nanak Shah Fakir, Guru Ji's face is never shown. Silhouettes are shown and near side shots. They give no indication to the features of anyone, no clarity to any face. This adds to the superiority and mystical essence of our Guru.

2) If an actor has played Guru Ji's role, it's not evident. There was no name given in the credits to anyone who could have played Guru Ji. No face is shown. No identity is given to Guru Ji other than a shining light. The proclaimed CGI graphics may or may not have been used. If it is all CGI graphics then there is no issue. If it is a human and Gurbani states no human should act as The Guru, it is still not an issue. No one is taking this assumed actor as Guru Ji. No one is worshiping the screens or 'the human' playing Guru Ji's role. No wrongness has been done. We all know Guru Ji came to earth as humans do and in essence Guru Ji is Vaheguru in human time. No one is saying 'I am Guru Ji worship me. Take me as your Guru and bow to me.' This 'human' is assisting in delivering a Divine Message through the use of their silhouetted body. Nothing more. Unlike the drawings and photos which offer nothing to us.

3) Guru Ji is given a voice in the Movie. In Chaar Sahibzade Guru Gobind Singh Ji was animated and Guru Ji's face and body was shown through the animation. But it was all narration when it came to Guru Ji's 'thoughts'. It could have been narrated, through Mardana, in this movie too. The fact that it wasn't isn't a big issue either. The voice means nothing, the wisdom, the gian, that Guru Ji is reciting to others is the key. All 'Guru Ji's words' are spiritual and in line with Gurbani. That is what should be highlighted.

4) I have heard people have taken offence that Bhai Mardana was shown and acted in human form as well as Bebe Nanaki. Neither were Gurus. Both were spiritual Humans. It is not disrespectful to show their true nature through the interpreted movie. Regardless of their backgrounds, they played fairly whilst keeping the dignity of the 'character'.

5) Some are upset that 'Jap' was not recited in the Mool Mantar Baani. I was wondering why the Shabad had ended, I was waiting for 'Jap' to be recited but it wasn't. It probably should have been yes as it is part of the Mool Mantar. An accident or a purposeful intention, whatever the case it is forgivable. At least people know the true Mool Mantar it is fine. If they don't know it and stick to not finishing it with 'Jap' on the end, someone is bound to teach them about it, moreover...what a rare case.

6) Bebe Nanaki apparently had a black thread tied to her wrist (not that I saw because the messages of the movie themselves were more important to focus on). So? There was no such thing as Sikhism. Guru Nanak was teaching people how to dispel superstition and rituals. It's character building, moreover scene setting. That is how people lived, amongst segregation, ritualism, superstition etc.

7) My local Gurdwara. A poster was on display with something closely written along the line of: 'Do not watch Nanak Shah Fakir. Stop the portrayal of Sikh's as Hindus'...Need I say more! This person/people have not watched the movie! Most likely, the video of the Shabad/Sikh Aarti 'Gagan Mein Taal...' was watched by this person or people and interpreted purely in an illogical way. I interpreted the video in a negative way too. So I watched it three more times and came to a conclusion that in fact, this video is pretty great. The 'Gagan Mein Taal' Aarti video shows Hindu's singing our Sikh Aarti, dancing, claping with their worshiping taals (plates) at the beginning and gradually ending with them doing aarti to the sky and calmly singing alongside Guru Ji. The movie clearly shows Guru Nanak Dev Ji being asked to join the Hindu Aarti procession. The Hindu's start their aarti and worship to their statue deities. Guru ji starts singing over them at the beach near by...singing the Sikh Aarti. The Hindu slowly follow each other outside and start joining in and eventually end with their divai pointing toward the Ek Ongkar in the sky. A great and short way of showing how Guru Ji taught people about the truthful way to earn fruitfulness. A gradual progression of worshiping idols to worshiping the True Divine.

I have written this short 'review', if you may call it, as a way of helping Sikhs understand the greatness in this movie. After watching both Chaar Sahibzade and Nanak Shah Fakir I feel I have learn't a lot and grown as a Sikh. The films have put into perspective great historical events that occurred. The Sikh elements shine through the movies, radiantly reiterating what Baani is teaching us, in memorable, relatable, interesting, new, technological ways!

I want to say THANK YOU for trying your hardest to create such wonderful movies that enlighten our souls! I would much rather pay to watch movies that promote truthful spiritualisation than anything else out their on our screens!

Thank you for standing up and doing something so strong for, and in, the Sikh Community. Sorry that you have got yourself in so much trouble in making this movie, but I hope my message is heard and people watch the movie to judge for themselves.

Please forgive me as I may have made many many mistakes. My intentions were only to seek truth and I hope I have done this. Sorry if I have not and forgive me for all wrong I have said. I'm not here to have or create arguments with anyone, I'm here to put forward my views.

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ARTI-ARTA portion seems like absolute marvellous moment in the movie, its moment of renewed perception, higher state of perception-rising to higher consciousness

Pure transcendence updesh message of arti done in sargun dvait (duality) into Advait vairaat arti - Gurmat Advait Message- One in all, all in One.


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Me and the family went to see this at a theater with less than 30 sold seats.

Overall, I wasn't extremely impressed, but it was very pleasing to watch.

It started off very well, with a lot of emphasis and emotion shown in the earlier scenes like the janeo...but then after an hour it seemed like the classic rush job to get get the movie done. You could tell that the beginiing half hour was planned well, but the material shown after was most probably scenes that were chosen and picked together out of a another half dozen.  Maybe this was because I knew there were many other sakhees inbetween and then realized that it would be impossible to fit them in a single movie.

The depth of the sakhis and the deeper true message wasn't shown or expressed. It focused away from the spiritual significance of Guru ji's messages. Again, this was probably because some of us have done deep vichaar on the events and messages when compared to someone learning it the first time.

I feel that it had the 'missionary' agenda because it mentioned more on kirat karo, and vand shako as Sat mentioned in his post.

This agenda was more apparent with the Kurukshetra story which was slightly twisted in the direction of missionary 'meat' agenda

There was no core message of nam jap or going within and finding the harimandar.

I can understand the people that are protesting because I felt that there were some scenes where an actor's face from the side were shown and these were totally unnecessary.

The fact that we know the actor was not sikh, didn't please me at all and neither me or my wife felt comfortable with it...I mean if they had used an actor just for effects or to stage some physical moves, then the odd few seconds of 'No face' or the slight side would have been acceptable.

These few second scenes where it is clearly an actor and not a computer animated image, were completely unnecessary.

A moving animation wouldn't have been a problem theses days as we've seen them since 1988's  "Who framed Roger Rabitt" movie.

The movie would have appealed more if they gave some narrative with regards to his udassis and got to the depth of core sakhi messages. Even showing some stills with narrative could have taken the film a lot further by filling in missing gaps and time frames


I'm glad I had the opportunity to see it before it gets taken down. You have to watch it with an attitude to absorb it instead of watching to nit pick and find faults.  Glad my kids got to see it as it gives opportunity for parents to elaborate further.

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The movie should not have been made. It was a wise decision to pull back the movie. The protests were in the right spirit. I had watched Sikka's interview (was it Sikh Channel?) and the guy seems to have been driven by some irrational emotions to make the movie. The movie posters have a very abrahamical flavour (maybe even the movie itself).

You can spend an eternity and still would not be able to comprehend enough to make a movie on any of our Gurus. Let us get our facts straight.

Why can't there be movies inspired by Sikh teachings?

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