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~ Whats Your Biggest Doubt In Your Spiritual Journey/ Sikhi/general Life? ~

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Most of us grew up with lots of doubts questions in life, religion, karma, reincarnation, hell, heaven etc. It's fine for doubts to rise thats only natural as part of human evolution but its not healthy to have doubts/questions/dubta in one state of mind- for too long without getting it clear or face or address.

It's important for state of mind to have all doubts cleared to progress in spirituality as doubts/sansa/dubta can really bog one down.

So let me start this thread so that we can try to help each other clear doubts/questions/dubta whether in life, scriptures, religion etc. Off course, whatever help or answer is given may or may not resonate deeply in people help clear the doubt but we as cyber sangat start off with ardas to maharaj- can at least try to help hoping doubts are clear in spontaneous flash.

So post away your doubts..hehe

Here is my doubt for longest time hehe:

Why lakes have different colors? is it because of sky reflection or different element in the water? I still cannot find convincing answer to this, i have observed lakes color for hours and they change due to sky clouds..I suspect due to sky influence but still have some doubts..lol.

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Regarding lakes... obviously all water is clear... but the colours are filtered differently, and yes the sky is the influence. You know, there is a lake in Ladakh region of Kashmir it's a high altitude lake on the border of China and India called Pangong. Its in an area that you have to have special permission to visit. I was lucky to have gotten to see it in Sept just past. You won't believe me if I told you the colour... so I will just post a pic :) Yes... it's really this colour in person!


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My biggest doubt is if the efforts I am making are worthwhile?

And I am unable to judge my progress on this path

ps. and that is a beautiful image, i wish to go there someday tibet and mansarovar. it would be nice if some sagat arranges a trip there and just jaaming out the simran sessions in that beautiful environment.

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Some great questions singh..i will try my best to respond whenever i have little bit more of free time..hopefully other learned members can response to your questions as well.

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shastarsewak, on 12 May 2015 - 12:11 PM, said:
I wonder a lot, it is not sort of authoritative interrogation, just wondering as a humble servant of Waheguru ji, such things comes to one's mind some times. Has anyone ever discussed these things with some Mahapurkh /Sant??
1 - why there is good and bad? right and wrong? Waheguru ji can get rid of it in less than an instant, although we know we will get such an answer only when we attain brahamgyan ourselves,
2 - why Kaal/Maya exists? why he is allowed to hamper a person's positive effort at all? we stumble only when Kaal (not kalyug) makes us do so (Maya carries out the operational procedures)
3 - If life is result of our Pralabdh Karma, what about the very first birth - what resulted it, when did we acquire Sanchit Karma?
3a - Does this mean Kaal actually controls our Karmic cycle. or in other words "Null Karma" is still influenced by Kaal, and null karma doesn't get you mukti automatically. Somehow a soul is kept at a place before just before Sachkhand, but well within reach of Kaal, who brings it back to karmic-cycle, he is able to do so, because the soul in question wasn't actually Mukt, which is given only by Waheguru ji.
4 - only brahamgyani can see God in-person(Nirgun-to-Sargun roop), which means only Brahamgyani is able to have Mukti? but, technically speaking this would mean, only few people would actually have Mukti, because of fact 1 Brahamgyani in Crore.
5 - how to differentiate that a certain "Dukh" or "Sukh" is part/result of your previous Karma(Pralabdh) or part of test as Sikhi? Such tests are generated instantly by Waheguru, or such tests are part of our pralabdh? Let's take a historical example - Bhai Joga singh ji on way to Sri Anandpur Sahib thought of himself as a better Sikh and Guru ji tested him - was this test part of his Pralabdh Karma or generated instantly by Guru Sahib? how we as ordinary Sikhs can differentiate such things? (I also think that if we are told this is a test, we would know it is soon going to pass, so we will manage somehow, but if there is "unknown" factor, then our limits could be truly tested)

Regarding your questions
1 and 2. I beleive question and answers discourse by sant darshan singh ji dhakki wale will help clarify:
3. Good question, very first birth was due to ignorance of this jiv that he/she separate from creation, from that point our perception of reality start getting divided/fragmented to doership/actions/karams- different types of karam-rebirths due to karam-good or bad/desires relative realities etc.-

First descended from Waheguru (God), a transparent ray, the conscious reality, which combing with nature took the epithet of living being. Round this ray, spread a mini globe- like substance, and the ray became resplendent. This state has been termed as the first separation (isolation) of atma(soul) from god(paratma) and has been called the sheath of bliss. After this, with the coming of thinking, one automatically moves into second circle of Maya (illusion). This is Miracle of Intellect. It was named the intellect of sheath. Descending lower still, there awakened the idea of making some achievement of producing something new. Affections and allurements brought this being under their control and pushed him into countless programmes, which are ever-expanding, so that the chain is never broken. The state of mind has been called the mental sheath. One was caught in the circle of resolution and repudiation. Beyond this stage, the cosmic energy pushed it still further down and called it the circle of power or the vital sheath. This power was born out of the relationships of the illusion. After this, it assumed some form and went on assuming different forms.
3 a) Kaal can control our karamic cycle if we keep identify ourselves with body and mind- relative realities then there is reincarnation, life, death, hell or heaven whole karma cycle. However, once we identify ourselves/realize ourselves to be God's light our soul- unconfined unconditioned jot(pure awareness/consciouness) we step out of these relative realities/reincarnation/karam/rebirth and into absolute truth/reality where kaal does not exist, only AKAAL - Timeless exist-eternal.
4. Thats true if you would want to look it that way. However, from absolute sach(truth) point of view which is true(Sat-tat gyan) that bhramgyan inherently present in everyone already, already expressing itself in everyone, but ego/ignorance in us(separate I) is hiding it once veil of ego is removed once we realize our source and once we accept full recognition of our absolute truth then all there is Bhramgyan, nothing else.
5 .Dukh/Sukh are both related to body/egoic conditioned mind its part of thoughts. But gurbani says- man tu jot saroop hai, apna mool painchain - O mind, you are divine knowledge light recnognize your root.Realize our jot saroop- our real nature is of achal morat (thoughtless beings state above from thoughts its afur avastha- forne tu rehat) then relative realities/various karams will cease to exist as there are no karams in absolute truth, karams are only here in realtive truth/maya. Sukhmani sahib 21st asthpadati describes this tat gyan very beautifully, end of all games. sant gyani gurbachan singh ji bhindranwale when talking about 21st ashtpadi called the final state- bhramgyan parloa (destruction of ignorance into bhramgyan).
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I think this is a wonderful thread . Thanks N30 veer ji for letting us to share our doubts and to get views which may help us.

I think I've a lottttt of doubts ,which states how much far still I'm from my true goal.

The biggest doubt that bothers me a lot is the question,"Am I lucky enough to meet sache patsah ". As Gurbani says One who is gonna meet his purkh , has already blessed by waheguru Ji.

" Je hovaey purab likhya ta Thoorr Tinha kee payiyae".

So I'm very much skeptic about my fate/destiny.I ask myself for several times Does waheguru Ji love me?,Am I this much fortunate to have glimpse of sachey patsah . What If I had done bad karams in previous life ? Has the time arrived ? Is this life worthwhile ?

Other doubt that bothers me is about the past .I have wasted a lot of time with RAGE as the biggest Demerit . So I'm worried whether that time will be pardoned or not .

Sometime , I ask myself will I be saved at the time of need . I mean I think I'm not as much GUrmukh soul , so that Guru sahib will save me or will Show some mercy upon me . I doubt Myself . TO DoUBT is the biggest doubt . I don't believe that my fortune can be lucky enough to meet the akal purkh .

other doubt is to not get lost somewhere else other than true goal .one's ego or sense of superiority on little spiritual progress,can lead to descend from the real path.To get Light/ridhiya sidhiya/Gyan/sixth sense is not the end.These may act as detterents and can betray souls in many ways.So ,To get lost somewhere else is my doubt.

Other doubt is little personal . It 's the biggest reason for my coming on path of spirituality and a biggest hindrance in further progress too . Speaking shortly, I would say that I made no use of a biggest gift provided by almighty.I just surrendered myself in the hope of something impossible.So I doubt my step.Whether that was an act of stupidity or the exactly one Guru Ji wanted.Here I doubt the most.Still waiting for the answer.Dont know where will this experiment take me..This can only be answered if I'm a lucky soul.so here I doubt the fact..

I know it's not right to doubt.But It's something natural.We can't stop doubting unless waheguru wants.

May waheguru Ji clear our doubts.

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