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~ Absolute Reality And Two Types Of Realtive Reality -Life Force In Relations To Human And This World ~

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~ Absolute reality and two Types Of Realtive Reality -Life Force In Relations To Human And This World ~


source: Japji sahib teeka by sant gyani gurbachan singh bhindranwale, this commentary is mentioned during discourse between satguru nanak dev ji and his sikhs, while satguru nanak dev ji is providing commentary on five khands pdf page- 760




Closest translation of above attachment or commentary i was able to find was from this site below:




Three types of Reality
There are three types of Reality:

Shruti/Vedas define:

yatrahithdvaithamiva bhavathi thanitharaitharam pasyathi,
yatrathvasya sarvamahaathmaivaabooth thasyenakam pasyeth
1. Paramartika Satyam – Brahman
2. Vyavaharika Satyam – Jagad / Empirical Reality
3. Pratibhasika Satyam – That/Those which are untrue
Mandukya Upanishad mantra 7, says about Brahman - It is not the inward awareness. It is not the outward awareness. It is not the intermediate awareness. It is not the undifferentiated mass of awareness. It is not the knowing awareness. It is not non-awareness. It is unperceivable. It is not accessible to transaction. It cannot be grasped. It is attributeless. It is not accessible to thought. It is not amenable to communication. It is the constant atma that subsists in all the changing states of the ahamkara.. It is the remainder of the annulment of the perceived universe. It is changeless. It is auspiciousness. It is the non-dual reality, free of all mithya ideas of difference.




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This is very important topic, as this topic discuss very essence/ substratum reality of all beings which is common among all beings, which everyone can relate to all the time, in each and every moment.
Whilst (Vyavaharika Satyam – Jagad / Empirical Reality, Pratibhasika Satyam Reality – That/Those which are untrue) meta relative realities are dynamic always changing, illusory and relative that which underpins or supports them is Paramartika Sata – Brahman- pure unchanged absolute reality which is static, unmovable- achal morat, akaal morat- eternal timeless only remains as changeless background or infinite ocean of Brahmgyan-divine knowledge from which other realities arises and subsides just like waves, ripples.
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Gurfateh ji, I translated but took a lot of liberties. Please point out areas which you feel can make this more truthful or anything I may clear up and let's work on this together..

Vivhaaraik satta- the existence through which the world functions. Where the creative, sustaining and destructive energies we commonly refer to as brahma, Vishnu etc control the creation-sustenance-destruction process that everyone and everything is bound to.

Parmarthak satta- one life force (eyk parmesar) is the substratum to which nothing is external. So everything is part of that one (why we don’t see that is because of the veil of ignorance that we are subjected to in our uninitiated/sleep state)

Praatheebhaasak satta- That which becomes true after knowledge of its true essence. It is like being under a false impression until the reality is revealed. Brahmgyani’s are not stuck in manners or ways due to experience, instead they have gone through the process of praatheebhasak satta to know what the parmarthak satta is of everything.

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