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Akj Is Not The Only Ones Who Say Women Should Tie Turbans...

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Many of you know I have been researching extensively the different Rehet Maryadas... to find the views of Sikh women... but I came across something. I know some of you think that AKJ is wrong in stating that everyone (including women) must tie turbans.... but maybe you didn't know this. In Damdami Taksal's Gurmat Rehet Maryada, it also states this. I'll include screenshot. What do you think? Should BOTH men and women tie turbans? Some of you were very opposed to women tying turban / dastar when it was brought up before, stating that majority of women did not, and that it was male thing because of battle etc. But here in Gurmat Rehet Maryada it's stating that both were commanded to by Guru Ji:


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It's up to Sikh women to tie turban or not men does not have any say in it, its not mandatory either way as keski is not kakar - as per sikh scripture/ puratan rehitnamas as it talks about only covering the hair.

The problem here is both parties have elements of people with vested interest to use woman as tool and dictate they should wear turban or not to push their own ideology. Those who oppose it may be hiding behind male inferiority complex but many also have genuine concern regarding lack of contextualization on rehitnamas, cherry picking portions ignoring other scriptural evidences of kesh being kakar, and have concerns of judeo-Christian abhramic influence / Christian like commandments on Sikh thought which is contrary to one external rule across the board.

Now those who for it they do it - there are many who believe in genuine equality symbolism (like 3ho and many in akj) but there are some in the groups, who are also doing it for their own purposes to physically enforce strict one rule ideology approach across the board which is kn ee jerk reaction contrary to historical scriptural evidence and there are equal dangers of one rule external idealogy approach is that people start using that as yard stick to measure someone spirituality bringing one dimensional thought process as opposed to original Sikh thought of unity within diversity.

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This is in Damdami Taksals rehet maryada not AKJs. And it says "The Gurus Command is for both men and women to wear turbans"

From the tone of your post though I take it you dislike AKJ. I don't find anything wrong with them.

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IMHO,Dastar is a wonderful maryada commanded by guru ji.According to my experience as a woman,Dastar should be on every "SiKh's" head irrespective of gender.Here Sikh(in my opinion/view) does not mean one who is only just born in sikh religion,but the one who is looking for his purkh and walking on spiritual path to merge with one nirankar.So,as It's suggested by all mahapurkhs of time to cover our heads during meditating/simran/bhagti.But a true SIKH(not just by religion) has no time limits for bhagti or his attempts to meet the purkh.His each and every second is contributed for nirankar and is passed in loving memory of akal purkh.Whether he is working,sleeping,walking,eating,his mind somewhere ,keeps reciting praises of nirankar and is looking for his darshan.So Isn't he doing bhagti then? Ofcourse this is bhagti too! So shouln't his head be covered? Ofcourse yes!! So this is the reason one should wear dastar that he doesnt need to get worried to cover his head.It's always covered.

Beside I think If a woman is wearing dastar ,then she is much socially safe especially in India.No any guy has guts to even look with dirty eyes towards a sikhni.Guru sahib gave woman a look equivalent to man.A divine saroop protects her.so dastar on a woman head just represents a divine hand /security upon her.

But still choice is her.I too dont wear a dastar.But yes a sikh should wear it.I wouln't say MUST.

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In my opinion, I think Keski should be mandatory. However, shouldn't woman also wear Dastar over the Keskis in the Hazoori of Guru Sahib? I know many Singhs believe that when they go in Guru Sahib's Hazoori they should tie a Dastar over the Keski ( and for some the Dastar must cover the ears).

The Singhnis of Shaheed Gyani Gurdev Singh Kaunke's ( his daughter lives in my city) and Sant Gyani Gurbachan Singh Khalsa Bhinderawale Ji's family wore Keskis.

With that being said, Bibis who chose not to tie Keskis shouldn't be looked down upon.

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