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Absolute and Relative


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I found this article (http://bvml.org/SBRSM/SGaHG.html) , it's really very interesting but long; and I know there are some people on this forum you would like to read such stuff even if it's long. So, just sharing. This article has loads of information on Guru, Mantra, Students etc.

I really like this:

"God Consciousness vs. Society Consciousness:

Progress means elimination and new acceptance. So, when there is a clash between the relative and the absolute standpoint, the relative must be left aside, and the absolute accepted. The example is given of a socialist in a country of capitalists. When there is a clash, one will not express their creed for the sake of peace. But to maintain the purity of their faith for the socialists they will try to leave and join the socialists."



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I think absolute and relative understanding is absolute must to understand spiritual gnosis in general. It puts things in context so one does not looses absolute view. The idea would be understanding not just conceptually but experientially absolute reality first, abidance in it then function from it its all one absolute reality, but unfortunately but understandably so absolute reality have to fragmented into relative to suit various spiritual aspirants seekers based on their spiritual development stages. 

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