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Ideal Singh

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Well, I don't know if it is the right place but you see friends, I am a die-hard fan of Cricket and as the new season of Indian Cricket is about to begin... would love to share my yearning with all of you and I hope you would bear with me and join in... the party... hoo hoo hee hee !!

Thanx guyz

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They do a waiver of Rs.1.6 Crores for Sachin Tendulkar, but then spend hours checking the baggage of the hockey players who have won gold medals for the country?

Mumbai is divided. So is India. Tendulkar’s Ferrari 360 Modena, gifted to him by F1 champ Michael Schumacher, drove into the eye of a storm the minute it rolled off an Air France plane late Friday night.

The Centre’s decision to waive the Rs 1.6 crore import duty for the car has divided his fans.

What do you think about the waiver ?

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They every1 gets excited and starting doing giddha when the umpire points to the flippin sky.

Its good naa... in that moment of joy they forget all their worldly worries and rejoice irrespective of their caste and creed. Cricket is a blessing in disguise for a country like India where there are so many Religions and people forget about that when Indian Team is playing (good :roll: )Cricket. Oh Man! I just love this game... :wink:

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OMG, you have opened my eyes, for once I was blind and now I can see. God bless cricket. For it is the only sport that let’s us forget our religious ties and support India. Yipeeeee......

How could I be so blinded, its a form of meditation in disguise, Where can I get a bat that says Made in Pakistan whilst playing on the India team. Oh will the India team let me play. Please, tell them that I am their biggest fan. Please, Oh please, then all my dreams will come true.

Note. Above statement full of sarcasm. Please read with Positivity.


Ideal Singh, you can love the game, but i prefer ping pong.

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:LOL: OMG I did not know that my statement do hit the spot !!! :twisted: Magarmach Singh... You got to have the calibre to play for any country may that be even Bangladesh !!! If you ain't got calibre you would do better stick with Ping Pong !!! LOLz !!!
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AND... who says that bats are made in Pakistan ? These are made in Saadae Punjab at Jalandhar!!! I think you should stick with ping pong... BTW where are these ping pong balls get manufactured ?

Or to look more critically at your statement whatz the problem if the bats are made in Pakistan...? Do such bats belong to lower caste... :shock: ? :LOL:

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meri taan shakal dekhke kende si baba tu umpiregiri kar lai :(

kadi kadi choka chhakka we pitt dinda si

te kaafi waari wicktaan we ura dinda si

baki fielding we wadiya kar lenda si

kafi dinn ho gaye kirkit khedde

are we having a sikhawareness championship?

ok count me in as one of the bowlers (opposite team nu koi taan chahida hunda score karan lei :P )

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Rochak Bhaji, you're Punjabi just gets better and better :LOL:

Ok, one bowler, three buttscratcher's..Im the umpire cos I get the best view of any scratching going on :LOL:

Ps. Was this supposed to be a serious discussion on 'Kirkit'? :? :shock:

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The Art of Butt Scratching.

five useful tips when scratching butts.

When scratching a butt of any size be weary that the buttocks are clean. If not, its a good idea to keep baby wipes.

When Scratching a Butt of ethnic Indian origin, Please be sure to ask all necessary questions such as " Did you eat chillies last Night??"

When Scratching a Butt of a Religious Man, Ask for his blessing after you have finished or he may bless you whilst you are scratching.

When scratching a butt of a elderly person, please be sure that you get underneath all excess skin.

When Scratching a butt of a baseball player, be sure not to hit his bat or b**ls. :shock:

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