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Baba Mani Singh JI & Baba Karam Singh Ji Sakhi


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” Ballowal is a small village situated in district Ludhiana, Panjab. This village was home to Baba Karam Singh Ji. Baba Karam Singh Ji was an eyewitness to Baba Mani Singh Ji’s stay in the steep hills of ‘Guru Ka Lahore’ near to Sri Anandpur Sahib. Guru Ka Lahore was the sacred space where Guru Gobind Singh Ji got married, and was surrounded by steep rocky hills and caves. Baba Mani Singh Ji chose this spot to meditate. Baba Karam Singh recounts his time with Baba Mani Singh Ji:

“Baba Mani Singh Ji was at a level where with every breath (Swas-swas) and with every hair (Rom-rom) he was doing Simran. He was a very great mahapurakh, but very few came to know about him (due to how gupt he remained.) He was a Brahamgiani who’s every beath and hair vibrated Simran. I witnessed many kautaks (Miracles) of Baba Ji. I first met Baba Ji at Mahauli Nagar in 1998. Mahauli is near Mandi, Ludhiana. They came out of nowhere and said to me lovingly, ‘I have found you, there is no hiding now Baba Ji, we have meditated together for 50 Janams (lives)’. I said to them, please stay here (Mahauli) and spend some time there. For 3 months they stayed there and meditated.

After this I asked them to also come to village Ballowal. For 40 days Baba Mani Singh Ji meditated at my house. During this whole time none of the family or myself saw Baba Ji, they remained this gupt. Then on the 40th day of their meditation, they called us into their room at night. They said that they wanted to leave in the morning to their village of Bhangala. At Bhangala was their asthan, and such was their ‘fakeeri mauj’ (the will of a carefree saint) that they would set fire to their hut and move on (so that no one would make their hut into a place of worship.) I said to Baba Ji that I shall drop you off to Bhangala.

Just the next day, Baba Ji decided to leave for Guru Ka Lahore. In Guru Ka Lahore was a very dense and dangerous jungle. During the 40 days Baba Ji spent at Guru Ka Lahore, their parshada (food) came from my house in Ballowal. During this period Baba Ji didn’t use to speak a lot. They just used to do ‘ishaare’ (i.e. make hand movements). For this reason I took along cards as a form of communication. I have these cards at my home, and they have written many bachans on there regarding the future. I said to Baba Ji, this is a very dense and dangerous jungle, how are you surviving here? They wrote on the card, ‘there are eighteen lions/tigers in this jungle, and one lion is always on guard around me’. I said to Baba Ji, please show us this lion aswell. Baba ji got up straight away and started to get ready. I remarked that it’s become too hot today and I will come tomorrow earlier. It was around the time of April, I remember this as the farmers were bringing in the harvest. The next day at around 10 am we left Baba Ji’s meditation space and they started climbing the rocky slopes, all the sangat witnessed how steep these rocks were. When we got to the top we came to a forested area. Baba Ji pointed ahead and said ‘look there is the lion.’ I said to Baba Ji, I still can’t see it. But when I looked again, beyond a river I saw there sitting a lion under the shade of a tree. Baba Ji said to me sit down here, and they laid down their ‘kambali’ (shawl) for me to sit on. When I sat down Baba Ji picked up a stick and drew a line around me.

 rsz_img_0090The Stick used by Baba Ji to draw the circle in the ground, along with Baba Ji’s Dastar and Kesh(from Kanga)

They told me to remain seated and they walked off into the jungle. For 2 and half hours I sat there and the lion also remained there across the river.When Baba Ji returned he said, I have just spent the last 2 hours in the presence of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and have got aagyia off them. We walked on towards a caved area and Baba Ji pointed ahead and said ‘look, there is the cave (gupha) where Guru Gobind Singh Ji sat and meditated.’ Standing on a rock Baba Ji started to do Ardas. He prayed to Vaheguru saying, ‘ O Tenth King Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, for 50 lives we have meditated together. Now give them the duty of Parchar and I will spin his mala for him (i.e. meditate for him).’ Such was the tapasya of Baba Ji. These are just small glimpses; we saw a lot of Baba Ji. They had such a good memory. I remember about 5/10 years after they first came to Ballowal, they visited again. At a spot where there was once a Small Plant, they said to me – where had the plant gone that was once here? Such was their attentiveness to everything around them. They were a friend, a friend of all; this is what true sadhus are. These are the friends that will help us in this life and the next. When they came and visited us last in the winter of 2007, they remarked to us, ‘I am the child of this house’, such was their humility.”

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Sant Baba Mani Singh Ji passed away. 


The first Sant to be born in the UK left this earth to merge with the one creator on 13th August 2008 in California, USA. Sant Mani Singh's body has been flown back to England for his funeral, which is to be held on Saturday 30th August 2008 at Akal Bunga, 15 Silverton Road, Smethwick. The Sikh Congregation will have the opportunity to pay their last respects from 6.30am before the congregation depart for West Bromwich Crematorium at 9am.

Sant Mani Singh was named Resham Singh at birth at St Chads Hospital Birmingham on 4th November 1970 at approximately 1am. He was raised and bred in Smethwick, West Midlands until he graduated from Secondary High School. Between his childhood and teenage years he remained unattached from materialistic objects just as a lotus blossom remains untouched by the water. He was to join the British Royal Marines, but had no idea what royalty awaited his existence. Whilst throwing away the career of the Royal Marines and serving the country, he instead decided to serve the whole of humanity.

Following enlightenment Sant Mani Singh stayed in deep meditation from 25th December 1990 to 13th April 1991 at the invitation of Guru Nanak Nishkam Sevak Jatha, Soho Road, Handsworth. In absolute deep meditation, he was drunk with the divine. During this period no thirst or hunger disturbed him, a great ecstasy took over him.

A question was asked at the time, what was the significance of this mediation? He smiled and said "I must have lost my consciousness, so drunk, so drowned. I must have been so drunk in the beatitude of realization that I must have forgot the wide world."

On 15th April 1991 he came into the congregation at Guru Nanak Nishkam Sevak Jatha when Bhai Sahib Bhai Nurung Singh stated "you are a mirror that reflects so marvelously and as such your name should be Mani Singh rather than Resham Singh."

Sant Mani Singh spent the last ten years researching into the Sikh Scriptures with the desire to write the Sikh Scriptures using twenty four carat gold, which would be placed on the throne at Sri Harimandhar Sahib. Due to the complexity and intricacy of this task it was only this year that the technique for producing the scriptures was perfected. The first four Ang (pages) where shown to the congregated two months ago and the methodology to complete the project was described to their close associates. With the blessings of the Almighty this project will continue to fruition to produce the first ever Sikh Scriptures in gold.

When a Mahapurkh (enlightened soul) leaves the earth he always leaves something behind. Sant Mani Singh has left behind for us all the methodology of how to serve our living Guru, Guru Granth Sahib Ji. This is a unique gift for the Sikh Panth and should be treasured.


Inderjit S.

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