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I have gone through this. Here's what helped me-   Meditation Mental Relaxation Physical Relaxation Guided Meditation (and even Holosync etc)   ASMR Videos Videos that arouse tingly sensations which

Great point paaji. One of the ways, one can do that is to listen to katha, while in sleeping posture. That might help, especially if you fully concentrate on the katha. Choose the katha according to y

Thanks for the heads up.   My personal view on insomnia is that it can be heavily connected to a person's physical and mental energy levels. When I do non-physical work that requires lots of

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16 minutes ago, sarabatam said:

Doctor just gives you sleeping pill. I will try again today slow gurbani audio helps.

True thats all they can give are sleepimg pills and sedativies to help sleep. Its really good that you have used gurbani to help it.Have you looked into sleep hygiene as they offer helps and tips.

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Guest Paapiman
On 1/21/2021 at 6:11 AM, sarabatam said:

May be it's too early to tell but I think my insomnia issues are coming to end. Everyone is different but I find full long nitneem done by gyani thakur singh ji patiala wale extra soothing. Last night in 15 mins I am out. I will try again today.

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Have you tried Ayurvedic medications bro? Like Medha Vati? What is the cause for your insomnia? Did the doctors figure it out?

Please have a look at this one too.

Himalaya Tagara - Promotes Restful Sleep – Himalaya Wellness (India)

@dalsingh101 - Is your insomnia gone completely?


Bhul chuk maaf

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