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Vyadha (Butcher) Gita: How a Butcher helped enlighten a Brahmin

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This story occurs in Vana Parva section of Mahabharat and is recited to Pandava Prince Yudhishthira by an enlightened sage Markandeya. In this story, an arrogant Brahmin is completely humbled by Dharma Vyadha (righteous butcher), and learns about all the secrets of spirituality & dharma from the menial butcher. The Vyadha teaches the elitist Brahmin that "no duty is ever ugly, no duty is ever impure" and it is only the way & the spirit in which the work is done, determines its worth. Doing your profession or social role perfectly leads to enlightenment. One may need not quit your job or abandon family. The Vyadha Gita also advises that Ahimsa (non violence) & Satya (truth) are two main pillars of Dharma through which the highest good of all can be achieved. It also shows that high birth (i.e. follies of birth based caste), knowledge of scriptures, meditation, austerities may not lead to enlightenment as was the case with the Brahmin.

Here are some excerpts from the Vyadha Gita :-


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