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Khalsa ji i want to ask several ques. On sarabloh granth.

Nihang singh have a tradition of respecting all the three granth (sggs, sdgs, and ssg).

They say that sarbloh granth is a sacred and secret granth from all because british and mughals were destroying the granths thats why this is a secret granth.

I have a ques. that sarbloh granth appeared in late 19 th century, none of the courtcourt poets of guru gobind singh maharaj has ever said or quoted any bani of sarabloh granth, in sarabloh granth there are many anti-sikh bani:

In japji sahib of sarabloh granth 322 pauri

There is emphasizing on hom, tilak, gaytri mantra, etc all the anti-sikhi propaganda.

Moreover there are banis on being intoxicated by marijuana. Alcohol etc

and there are banis that guru ji gave gurgaddi to SGGS and there is story of sarabloh devta but sarabloh deva stands no where in Hinduism and there is bani that guru baba nanak is bestowing to the davta. 

And in some verses the poet used the pen name of guru maharaj also like gobind, shyam, ram & kaal.

so i am not understanding that is sarabloh granth that book of tenth guru. Please help.

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