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akiane kramarik- girl who painted visions of angels & heaven since childhood

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11 minutes ago, Gunahgar said:

If she really had a vision of Jesus, I doubt he had a trimmed beard, unless it was her own imagination and not the reality.

Visions doesn't always mean you see it with your eyes like a hallucination or that an image develops in your mind like in a trip.

Sometimes you just know it. Sometimes you have a small inkling of it appear as a thought, which you then develop.

This ties back to what I was saying to Paapiman in the Non-Dual Awareness thread which is that Divya Drishti is not just about seeing spirits, it can manifest in other ways. Images are not the only way God manifests. And it ties back to what I was saying on the Aura thread that you should leave to God what quality of Divya Drishti he gives you. Some people will see auras, others won't.

So it's possible she didn't see an image and still had a vision, and then interpreted that vision through her cultural filters, which depicts Jesus with a trimmed beard and as a white dude with chestnut hair.

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13 minutes ago, Lucky said:

Agree with what you are saying. This area is kind of difficult to explain but from what I believe. Yes Jesus may appear with a longer beard or may be afro- black for some people.  The same goes for those that have darshan of Gurus let say.... each persons will vary but something going thought the filter is what will confirm it and we all have our own filters.

 It is difficult for us to understand the complete illusion whilst we are in it and we have to remember that maya doesn't just finish outside boundaries of life and earth, it is the heavens as well. Only in Sackhand or when inside the true home is the maya illusion left outside.

True even if they see Jesus or Gurus with their eyes, an image in their mind or a hallucination or whatever, their image will be affected by culture.

The Nanaksar image of Guru Nanak is also a product of modern culture. Puratan artists drew Guru Nanak much differently.

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This is soo beautiful, especially when I had a dream of an adorable baby and saw this picture after few hours . It was not mine, I think I was taking care of somebody's chubby cute Jeya baby. His round cheeks and was wearing an orangish patka. He's was being so naughty and someone told me to slap him so he will reform. I did that in automatic suggestion way and he just went quiet. I picked him up and started walking and was feeling horrible so started kissing him to make the pain go away. But he was so quiet :(. I stil feel bad. I need to go back in that dream and tell him to slap me or kick me. :((

Btw just discovered this, used to hear female version. This is good too



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