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GurSikh Reht Sunnho Mere Meet.

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Fateh Y'all.

Since we have all this topic of Reht, i've heard a shabad which is Called Reht Sunnho Mere Meet. (My freind listen to this reht). So, i guess if we can where it is written, it will benefit us all.

I need some help. I've heard a shabad by Bai Nirmal Singh and im now looking for the bani. Not in Ad Darbar. Cant fint it is Dasam Darbar. Not got Sarbloh Darbar. Might not even be in any of these, could be part of rehtnamas. Might also be a pick and mix.

Ive typed up a few lines in enlgish. If people know where i can find these, please give me a hand. Thanks in advance.

Ps. Im looking for it myself too, but just stated today. I will also (with N30 permission), put up this MP3 onto his FTP site. This way you can actually listen to it.

Here the shabad.


Gursikh Reht Sunnoh mere meet.

ParBhathe Uth Kaar Hai teh Jeet.

Vaheguru Guru Mantr So jaap

Kar Ishnaan pareh Jap Jaap

Sadhya Samme Sunni Rehras (Night and Day....)

Kirtan Katha Sunneh har Aaas. (Listen to kirtan and Katha.......)

Vaheguru Nit Bacher Uchare.

Vaheguru Ko Hirde dhaare

Agai Vaat Singh Jo Paave (When you see a singh)

Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh Bolaveh. (Say vahegurus Fateh)

Aap Singh Jo Raja Hovieee

Nirdun Singh Paaale Soi

Pardesee Singh Jab Dekhe

Unki Seva Karre Besekhe.

Madura Buchun Subh Hun ko Pakhe

Chatr Singh Ko Hee Lakhe

Chogglie Kaar Jo Kaaj Bigare

Drig is Janam jo Dharan Bisar

Pratakal Sat Sungh Nah Javeh

Tunkar Daar Veh Vaddha Kehave

Sat Sang Jaaeh Chit Bulaveh

Har Jas Sunteh Baat Chulaveh

Nirdhun dekna Paas Bihaveh

So thunKahee Mool Kaveh

Kathe Kirtan Mun Meh Laveh

Sant Sikh Ko Bureh Laveh

Ninda Jewha Hireh Jo maal

Maha Dikhavee Tis Ko Kaal

Sikh Hoveh Jo kureh Karrod

Kunieh Mool na deveh sood.

Dhee Behn Ka Pesa Kaheh

Gobind Singh Dukh Jai Milave

Golak Rakhe Jo Nahi Do

Chulka kure Bikaar

Kehet Gobind Singh laaluch jee

Hoe Gai Narak Hazar

Dasvan na dehvia

Jhoot Bola jo Kahe

Kehet Gobind Singh laaluch jee

Tis na kuthan bisae

In menmen jo ek kareh

So sikh Umra, Puree Meh Jaie.


I know its long. But im trying to find it.

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