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17 hours ago, Sat1176 said:

Meher Baba,  a  well-known  saint  of  modern  India,  used  to  say  that a  mind  that  is  fast  is  sick,  a  mind  that  is  slow  is  sound,  and  a mind that is  still  is  divine. This  is  what  the  Bible  means  when  it says, “Be  still  and  know  that  I  am  God.”

That's important for those whose mind is fast.

Other than that -

Fast mind is good too but if it cannot stop, then it is sick.

Similarly slow/still mind is good but if it cannot speed up then it is sick as well.

An analogy is muscles, if your muscles never relaxes, you are going to be in a lot of pain from the excessive contraction (ie suffering when you mind does not stop). If your muslce never contracts, it is useless if you want to move, run, lift etc.

Now I have never seen anyone whose mind was too peaceful that they didn't do anything. Maybe It happens?

Anyone know anyone like that? Someone who is too calm and relaxed to participate in the world?

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