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Dual wielding swords


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Were swords ever dual wielded by the Sikh Fauj?

Is dual wielding taught as Sikh Shastra Vidya?

What are the advantages/disadvantages of dual wielding swords?

I am interested in learning dual wielding.I have a good grip on me.I have two swords in my bedroom already actually.One is just a machine made ceremonial thing, the other however was made by hand by my beloved Grandfather.It just sits there I'm afraid :oops:

By the way, the sword that my Grandfather made has a straight edge, not curved, and the blade is about 2.5 ft long.It is full tang and fits well in my hand.What kind of a sword is it?Narsingha?Anyone?

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probaby a faranghi if its a straight sword.

Im gonna make one myself someday too. Need some money to get the tools first. I know how to make them, but no money. So it has to wait until i find a job. So if people need shaster. Come to me. Cos i can get it cheaper. :D

P.s if rich singh/singhni wants to send me a donation. Make cheques payable to Mugermach Singh :D.

Aaap Singh Jo Raja Hovie, Nirdun Singh to paveh soie. :D (bit out of context i guess.)

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