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Anyone know this one...


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my bet is Chiranjiv Kathuria... or Ruben Singh... but Ruben Singh is more "Gursikh" if you wish... he's taken amrit despite having a HUGE net value... he could have easily gone the other way and now he does like.. guest speeches and stuff..

Chiranjiv Kathuria is the one running for Senate for the state of Illinois.. You may or may not know him as the owner of Mircorp, the company that sent Dennis Tito into space at a cost of 20 million dollars.

Ruben Singh is the ex New York Playboy who owns extremely luxurious hotels all along the eastern seaboard, and has been seen hangin out with JLo and other huge names.

I'm not aware of their exact net worths

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Richest Sikh In America - ..What I heard last was - ...Rupy Kaur....



Richest Sikh in America--Umma ..What I heard last was - ..Didaar Singh Bains of Yuba City, California ..( I am not sure if the city is correct place of his residence) ..-In proffesion wise, he is farmer..- Though married to mexican - Kids are trashed..Wouldn't have a clue about his net worth..

Money doesn't make the world go around..Too much many can do a lot harm..!

By the way, Badal is no where close ! Least * I think*

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