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Are you a Scholar Without Substance ?

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When we read the writings of Saint Saint Kabir Ji in detail, we realize that

he uses strong words to criticize the wrong-doings of the ‘holy’ people of

his time. He advises them to leave the road of bad thoughts and actions and

put their energies to the meditation of the Name of God.

For a long time, the priestly class of Hindus, the Brahmins had mislead the

masses. They regarded themselves as the perfect beings and the rest as low

down people. It had become so bad that they used to be very annoyed even

when the shadow of an untouchable fell over their food !

In the eyes of these holy priests, Saint Saint Kabir Ji was also an

untouchable and thus they always avoided him and looked down upon him. Saint

Kabir Ji however kept pointing out their fallacies and always wanted to lead

them to the right path; away from their misled ways.

In the hymn in discussion today, Saint Saint Kabir Ji has put forward the

real lifestyle of the so-called holy priests. He unveils the dirty

masterplan to fool the masses under the veil of religion. He points out to

the priestly class that whatever they preach, as bad is what they actually

practice in their lives. He tells us that their lives are just useless in


From this hymn, it is clear to us that by just reading holy texts there is

not much benefit; if there is no love for God that arises from within our

minds and there is positive change in our lives.

The teachings of the Great Masters (Gurbani) is the pillar and support of

all of us. We should read it with love and then discuss and understand the

writings therein. The next step should be to also adopt the teachings

contained into our lives and to live our life according to the teachings of

the Great Masters.

The sad fact remains that dues to lack of effective propagation of the

teachings of the Great Masters, many of us live our lives against the

principles of our religion and do many things that are unwarranted and were

in fact the practices that our religion was supposed to get us out of !

We tend to do continuous readings of the holy scriptures (Akhand Paaths,

etc) but have not taken time out to understand and help other understand the

true teachings contained in the holy scriptures.

Even the clergy class (Giani Jis) have failed effectively in delivering the

teachings of the Masters to the masses. Unless they and all of us can

resolve to first understand the teachings of the Masters ourselves and then

also help other understand them; and also to meditate on the Name of God

regularly and live our lives on the Principles of the religion - then we are

also like the ‘holy men’ Saint Kabir Ji has belittled in the hymn.

Our lives shall also thus go to waste !

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