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Questions asked by guroo gobind singh maharaj


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From: http://www.sarbloh.info/htmls/epilogue_akalustat.html

Lets all try to answer them :D .

First- Narsingha or lalleshwari :P


(2) What is the form of 'Atma' (True self)?

(3) What is the thought behind creation?

(4) What is 'Dharma'?

(5) What is 'Karma'?

(6) What is creation?

(7) What is life?

(8 What is Death?

(9) What is heaven?

(10) What is hell?

(11 What is cleverness?

(12) What is stupidity?

(13) What is 'Tark' (Reasoning)?

(14) What is not 'Tark'?

(15) What is slander?

(16) What is praise?

(17) What is Sin?

(18 What is 'Dharma'?

Some of the questions are asked twice by the Guru. Here, the Guru desires a different answer to previous answer. Each question and its answers are inter-linked to each other to produce a whole picture of Sat Guru, meaning the ideology and philosophy of Sat Guru which should appear at the end of answering all the questions.

(19) What is Yoga?

(20 What is enjoyment of worldly pleasures?

(21) What is action?

(22) What is inaction?

(23) What is hard work ?

(24) What is controlling the senses?

(25) Who is a warrior?

(26) Who is giver of charity?

(27) What is 'Tantra'?

(28) What is 'Mantra'?

(29 Who is poor?

(30) Who is a King?

(31) What is happiness?

(32) What is Sadness?

(33) Who is ill?

(35) Who is affectionate?

(36) What is essence of affection?

(37) Who is satiated?

(38 Who is healthy?

(39) What is thought behind creation?

(40) What is creation?

(41) Who is defiled?

(42) What is creation?

(43) Where is action superstition?

(45) Where is superstition destroyed?

(46) Where is happiness of consciousness?

(47) Where is knowledge of that which we can not grasp with our minds?

(48 What is Naam?

(50) What is self control?

(51) What is knowledge and ignorance?

(52) Who is ill?

(53) Who is a worrier?

(54) Where is Dharma lost?

(55) Who is a warrior?

(56) Who is beautiful?

(57) What is secret of being at one with Sat Guru?

(58 Who is the charitable one?

(59) Who is wise?

(60) What is knowledge?

(61) What is ignorance?

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not that i have any gyaan....but y do u say first laleshwari or narsingha??

they better than any of the otehrs or something??

Not better but i assume they answered these questions already.

This may seem like an peace of cake questions but its not. People do struggle. Like for me example.. i m stuck at question 4 :cry: long way to go.

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‘According to one's intellect one expresses it [the truth] in a myriad of ways.’

(Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Treh Charittar 104, Dasam Guru Durbar)

..therefore according to Guru Maharaj, everyone will get different answers...

(well, thats if u belive that Treh Charritar are Guruji's work)

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Hello to all,

I have read this section of akaal ustat in pandit narain singh's steek of dasam granth. I find that using a scholarly method (such as that carried on by any tradition based on meritocracy and started by great people have endured because they attract those who really want to learn) gives a better understanding or base to understanding the context of words/ and or sentences (albeit with their personal and methodological bias).

I am not in the habit of continuously quoting people, although inspiration is drawn. I sat down and thought about writing my thoughts initially, but then I realised that it would be a vain attempt to "front" my intellect. Then I thought about repeating what I had read, but I don't have the text in front of me, nor can I really do any justice.

I am going to take this task seriously, and actually try to understand and give my learning. understanding on this topic for the first question. Give my understanding on this topic.. please await. I don't want to debase the gurbani (tool (in one light) greatest gift (in another)) and vainly spit out what sounds good.

waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh

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