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This may come across to most people as fairly obvious to most people, but it's got to be more than just coincidence that light always is better than dark/darkness. An obvious example is that a lot of people are afraid of the dark, and most, if not all people prefer it to be sunny outside rather than dark. We might consider light in this sense to be "good", and dark to be "bad". So surely this represents something, a God-given insight. What I mean is that since we do not like this darkness, it could be part of a wider picture, that the "good" which is light is like Saachkhand, could be related to Saachkhand, which I believe is supposed to have great light, and also people who have near-death experiences of Heaven have described it to be awesomly bright. On the contrary, we hate darkness, which could be compared to a typical picture of hell. Am I making any sense here?

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When you are in deep sleep (sukhupati [skt: sushupati]) you are in a deep comfortable darkness.Deep sleep happens a few times during sleep.We all know instinctively that deep sleep is a very nice state to be in.Deep sleep is a little similar to Sunn Samadhi mentioned in Gurbani.Only a little similar mind you.

Also a baby spends 9 months in total darkness.To me darkness = rest and self reflection.The light the people experience during NDE's is Anbhav Prakaas (non-material/non-world light, Jaap Sahib).It is not the same as material light, which hurts our eyes.It casts no shadow aswell and is most attractive.It doesn't emanate from any particular discernable source too.It is all-sorrounding, and is like a loving mother.

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