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India Di Hogeyi Balle Ni Balle

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:roll: Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Desikudi, i take it u didn't see the match for Bronze medals where Pakistan won against india?

India went home with NOTHING :roll: .

The match they won 7 - 4 was i think not good enuff for the both teams to keep them inline for the Gold, but they had to fight for the Bronze and india lost. They lost with the same scroe against pakistan,last time they played for bronze medals against pakistan.

I think that game is Rigged , jk , Pakistanis are just good, on a good day, just like india.

And if hockey is "Peindu" then Peindu me up scoty. :P

i don't know why i said the above line, must have been hit on the head with a hockey stick :cry:

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I am proud of my Team and their Team-Spirit... keep it up dosotoo......

Team dedicates Asia Cup to Jugraj

September 29, 2003 19:34 IST

The victorious Indian hockey team on Monday dedicated the Asia Cup to penalty-corner specialist Jugraj Singh, who is recovering from multiple fractures at a hospital in New Delhi.

Indian Hockey Federation secretary K Jothikumaran told reporters in Chennai that "the victorious team members have dedicated the Cup to Jugraj Singh".

"We are going to meet him along with Federation president K P S Gill and other officials tomorrow morning with the Cup. We are grateful to the young boy for inspiring our players every day including yesterday, before we took to the final match against Pakistan. We all pray for his quick recovery and return to the hockey field at the earliest," Jothikumaran said.

"We missed Jugraj Singh. He always used to be a motivator and a good defender. We mainly missed him for his superb drag flicks," coach Rajinder Singh said.

Mercurial forward and team captain Dhanraj Pillay is also looking forward to meeting Jugraj. "All my players played this tournament for Jugraj. We are all going to see him tomorrow.

"Each and every member of the team decided to dedicate this Cup to him before we left for Malaysia. Jugraj wanted us to win all the matches and he was talking to us regularly.

"Yesterday also he spoke to all senior players and coaches. Really, we played our hearts out to win this Cup, so that Jugraj could be happy. We pray that he should be back on the field soon for our country," he said

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