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wow strong words by Bhai Amrik Singh Ajnala on Dhumma & Dhahdrianwale.

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Guest Ajnala becoming a joke

Nail on the head Neo

And this is the guy who claims Sant Jarnail Singh Ji are alive and well living in a cave 

It's clear he is worried about Bhai Ranjit Singh, Panthpreet, Dhunda etc popularity and has dreams of taking over Dhumma's job

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Absolutely Neo ..... this is totally disgusting 

Is this a leader ? Dont even know how to speak " tati parshaab ... come on man these guys dont have any remorse at all.

There must be a vetting system in place so people like this dont just get up and stage and talk jibberish .


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My takeaway is that Amrik Singh, Harnam Singh, Ranjit Singh are just normal human beings likes us suffering from normal human emotions like jealousy,greed, fear etc. No one is a complete realized being. We need to stop pedestalizing them.

Amrik Singh could have used the word "kirya kharab" to drive down his point.




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