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Khalsa True Form


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Baba Nihal Singh Nihang, leader of Haria Vela Nihangs comments:

'That outward form which the true king gave his Khalsa. It is that which the Nihangs have kept in its original form to this day. Nevermind that today it has become popular to consider Nihangs as a distinct sect or order. No it is no distinct sect… This is the original form [of the Khalsa] that which has been kept by those Singhs people call Nihangs.'

(Baba Nihal Singh, transcript of a recording, 5-10-98)

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Akali Nihang Baba Santa Singh in the same text further comments:

'Oh Khalsa Ji, in the beginning all were Nihangs. Nowadays designating some as 'Sirdars', the aim has been to cause division within the Khalsa Panth. That some are Sirdars, others Nihangs and Khalsa is some other. This way they who desire to divide have started rumours. No, all the Khalsa Panth was originally of Nihangs. [Translating quote from Prachin Panth Prakash] 'This way the Panth of Nihang Bhujangis came into being. Around the neck they wore double-edged swords and in their hand they carried clubs'. He [Rattan Singh Bhangoo] speaks of the Panth's form in whose sword belt are Khandas and in hand clubs - such a Khalsa Guru Gobind Singh Sahib created.'

('Prachin Panth Parkash Steek' , by Akali Nihang Baba Santa Singh Ji, Pa.536)


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I've kinda been tinking dis all da time all sikhs shud consider dem selves as being a part of one and only one sect, 2 b a Sikh. If all sikhs read da Sarbloh Granth and if it wasn't jus kept wid da "Nihangs", den we all can b 1 of da same.

By da way, i aint read da Sarbloh Granth, but i would luv 2 read an English version. Is der ne dat has a link?

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