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Interesting conversation last night amongst friends, where one supported Trump.  Her arguement is "he is not afraid to speak his mind, is that something Hilary does? No."  If you read his auto-biography that’s his style: say something outrageous to get you remembered. Doesn’t mean he means it.  But then I then suggested he's like any other politician who says anything to get votes.


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actually, looking at interviews of his going back even decades, his viewpoints on numerous things seem to be pretty consistent. 

Hilary on the other hand is responsible for the destruction of an entire stable and prosperous country and the spread of terrorism from that country to Syria, which then lead to American friends and allies being inundated with refugees and migrants (including many thousands or more hostile to Europe). She talks women's rights but her policies have pushed back womens' rights by centuries in the affected countries with no payoff for the US...

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