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Am I blessed? Mona singh


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First of all I'd like everyone to know that I'm a Mona singh and I love doing simran. I've always had questions about life growing up and when I started learning more about Sikhi slowly my answers started getting answered! But I have this one question to ask all of beautiful Sikhs on here! It's that everyday I wake up my thirst for God and Naam simran is growing like I can't even focus on anything else in my life from the time I get up at amritvela to the next amritvela I'm so intriguied by God and by the bliss I receive from naam. I'm starting to think this lifes a game/movie and only way to win is do as much simran as you can! But then my peers are achieving alot in the Maya duniya that I'm getting confused and I don't know what to do! Should I find a balance and am I blessed to thinking of God like this day and night!??

Thanks in advance! 

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You have been blessed and Guru ji is waking you up to the Truth. Be grateful and keep up on this path. Remember, our motivation goes up and down in life, taking the shelter of the sadh sangat is very important. 

As for your worldly peers, they will not take the things they gain in this world to the next world. You will take your seva and simran with you to the next world, unless you finish the game in this world! It still is important to work and support ourselves though. Otherwise if someone else has to support us they take seva from us. I know it's probably the least attractive thing, but that's also part of this game. If I was in your shoes I would  try to do my kirt kamai (job) while trying to increase my simran as time goes on. Giving dasvand also helps on this path. 

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Yes, you're blessed but at the same time you've to play your part in this ongoing movie/game/life. Being blessed is different than taking the advantage of being blessed.

I'm not suggesting to put extra focus on worldly things; just put the focus on Simran and take the life as it comes; do whatever you've been assigned to....be it job, or whatever. In other words, let the Waheguru be your driver. I'm saying this because at one point in time, I was feeling the same. The more I feel/desire/wish/want to be away from the worldly duties, the more I feel depressed and lost peace of mind; But as soon as I left the desire to be attain something or run away from something, magically the peace of mind returned.

In other words, just keep enjoying Simran, and learn to see ALL tasks as given by your Commander/Friend/Guru, then you will shine. Just leave the desire to be desire-less.

e.g when you enjoy your Simran during Amrit vele, did you breathing disturb you? Obviously not, in-fact it helps. It is because breathing has become part of us and has never stopped us from doing anything. Same way, change the point-of-view and see every task as the God given and just move with the flow. Enjoy the Present, CONCENTRATE ON THE PRESENT. If you follow HIM, then worldly things will follow you, don't worry; just play your character joyfully and not by constantly complaining.

I know, I know it is very easy to write but very hard to practice. But that's the play!

I love this song from late 1970s:

Aanewala Pal Janewala Hai--------------------------(The moment that is to arrive, is about to pass by,)
Ho Sake Toh Isame Jindagee Bita Do-------------(If you can, in it, live your life…)
Pal Jo Yeh Janewala Hai Ho Ho---------------------(This moment, that is about to pass by.)

Ek Bar Yu Milee Masum See Kalee-----------------(Once (I) met this innocent blossom)
Khilte Hue Kahaan Khushbash Mein Chali.-------(Blooming, (she) said, I am leaving happy.)
Dekha To Yahin Hai, Dhundha To Nahin Hai,----(When I looked, it was right there , When I searched, it is not there,)
Pal Jo Yeh Jaanewala Hai-----------------------------(This moment, that is about to pass by.)

Ek Baar Waqt Se Lamha Gira Kahin----------------(Once, a moment fell from (the grasp of) time somewhere)
Wahaan Dastan Mili, Lamha Kahin Nahin---------(There I found this legend, The moment was nowhere,)
Thoda Sa Hasaake, Thoda Sa Rulaake------------(Making you laugh a little, Making you cry a little)
Pal Ye Bhi Jaanewala Hai------------------------------(This moment is also about to pass by)


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SGGS Ang 409... lovely shabad explaining his hukam to us and how to stay away from worldly things and yet still live in the world.

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:
Meditate on the Lord, the Lord of the Universe.
Cherish the Beloved Lord, Har, Har, in your mind.
The Guru says to install it in your consciousness.
Turn away from others, and turn to Him.
Thus you shall obtain your Beloved, O my companion. ||1||Pause||
In the pool of the world is the mud of attachment.
Stuck in it, his feet cannot walk towards the Lord.
The fool is stuck;
he cannot do anything else.
Only by entering the Lord's Sanctuary, O my companion, will you be released. ||1||
Thus your consciousness shall be stable and steady and firm.
Wilderness and household are the same.
Deep within dwells the One Husband Lord;
outwardly, there are many distractions.
Practice Raja Yoga, the Yoga of meditation and success.
Says Nanak, this is the way to dwell with the people, and yet remain apart from them. ||2||1||157||


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15 hours ago, Indy06 said:


Daas would humbly request you to consume Khanday da Amrit asap. Please do not delay. It is possible that there might be a huge increase in the bliss you are experiencing, when you become a Singh. Maya is very dangerous and can lead a person astray. When you consume Amrit, Sri Satguru jee will protect you from the wiles of Maya and guide you on the right path.


Bhul chuk maaf

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