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manmukh to gurmukh stories...and getting our youth bak!!


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Vahegurooo Ji Ka Khalsa Vahegurooo ji ki fateh!!!

sangat jio...

one thing thats been on my mind for a long time has been how parchaar is done to the youth....

some ppl here consider that our youth today is brilliant, and that sikhi will come good under us (i.e caste, corruption)...i disagree...barely any youth in gurdwareh...sikhs are now famous for sharaab and bhangra....and i sense things are only getting worse as kaljug progresses

round the u.k, quite a few groups have come up over the past few years which are preaching sikhi...

the problem is....the only thing people seem to hear is

" i used to drink, i used to do this/that with girls, i took every drug in the book etc etc.... but look at me now...these manmukh to gurmukh stories "

these were once inspiring but now all it seems to be is people on an ego trip....alot of people i have talked to get the impression that having heard these 'manmukh to gurmukh' people talk, its asif your sikhi isnt real unless you were a screw up before....also they seem to be given a higher pedastal by the youth because of it..

not enough is being done for the people who are singhs/kaurs by appearnce...maybe its that poeple think that we dont need 2 worry about them because they are already on the path...but the amount of singhs and kaurs cutting their hair and taking steps back in sikhi is growing...

i know that sum ppl may get inspired by these turn around tales....but i dont think anything is as inspiring as our rich history and tales of bravery etc...

maybe im wrong here but i think that although recruiting more people into sikhi is very important....i also feel that more effort needs to be done in getting those kids who are just 'sikh in appearance' to feel more participated...as im starting to think that we are neglecting them.

this is a discussion so if u disagree dnt get all vexed...just chill n state ur thorts...

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since iv bin born into a sikh family and ive never really wavered in my faith in sikhi i wudnt really know, but ive read a fair few manmukh to gurmukh stories, 1 was bhai rama singhs, and i found that REALLY inspiring, and a few others i found cool aswell. ive never heard anyone tell me a story, only red it in a book or on the net. yeh if u hear a lot i guess they cud get kind of patronising, i think the best thing 2 do is show what u CAN achieve as a sikh, and what people in the past HAVE achieved.

there are plenty of strict muslims/christians because they are brainwashed into thinking the quran/bible is divine, the words of god etc and on the other hand the sikh kiddies are thinking that amrit is outdated and irrelevant to todays society, because they were just for the times of wars, etc.....how do u sort out that misconception?

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nah i read bhai rama singhs too...ye it was a gd read i had nuff respect for him...

bt im talkin bout teh youth....i dnt wana mention names as dat not rite...but certain ppl going round telling their story sumtimes reeks of haumai...

also by going round saying "i was tis but now look i changed myself to become a gursikh" could backfire...as the constant praise from ppl comes in...ppl forget that it was guru jis kirpa that got them this change and start to think it was their own work...they forget that it would take a second for guru ji to take his hand off your head and leave you to fight the world yourself.

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i think its wrong to say "reeks of homae"... it should be more "reeks of inspiration".. earlier u said that any bibi that wears a dastaar is just doin it to showoff.. :? we can even start sayin "we shudnt take amrit cos it gives u ego"

i agree with u to some extent... but that statement is very harsh

those stories tell people that anyone can achieve something when they meet the rigth sangat - and are guided by the grace of waheguru.. poeple nowadays say "oh i cant become a sikh .. i cut my hair ages ago.. gonna be too hard to grow it again"... those stories are inspiration to those kind

many poeple are blessed to be born into true gursikh familys..... some are born into familys which were never really much into sikhi (myself).. and some are born into pure manmukh familys.. the way we become sikhs is thru the grace of waheguru no doubt... but either way they all deserve the same respect... not dashed down with the statement "oh man u got so much ego"

hope u understand where im comin from :)

fateh ji

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yeh i agree they are inspirtaional...

i dno....

by the way when you mentioned this....

earlier u said that any bibi that wears a dastaar is just doin it to showoff

that was 'jjj' veerji.....i was the one who really disagreed with that! i think keski waliah shud b highly respeced!

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On the otherhand.. the rehat doesnt say women need to wear keski and usually women who wear it are just showing-off to much

whereas you should be encouraging bibiah to wear it, saying how good it is, you go saying that all they doin is showing off?!

the above quote was from jjj....not me...i disagreed? you must hav been mistaken SB veer

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a good friend of mine used 2 feel the same way...

she said amrit wasnt necessary, its wat on the inside that counts...

i just used 2 throw as many quotes from bani in regards to rehit at her...but it doesnt work...prbly cz i dnt knw the rites 1z...bt u can bash ppl as much as u want....realisation comes from inside not outside.

wen i offered to find quotes from dasam granth or hukumnamas she dismissed them as not being guru...

she says if its not written in guru granth sahib then it cant be necessary...

its like no matter wat u say it doesnt go thru

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Guest Javanmard

tHE WORST THING about those manmukh turned Gurmukh stories is that some of the people who preach them are still the same manmukhs they used to be before. better: after two months of being amritdhari without any proper knowledge of SIkhi (in terms of languages, literature etc...) they give themselves these important roles in all kinds of "organisations".

really really said

but then again this is such a Neo-Protestant thing: the myth of the born again, the porn star turned a saint over night.

no sikhi will definetly not be reborn like that!!!

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