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Company of Saints (Saadh Sangat)

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On 29/04/2017 at 0:33 PM, paapiman said:

Please listen to Gyani Inderjeet Singh jee Raqbewale narrating a sakhi, which illustrates how Saints can greatly assist a person.

Please start listening after 06:05 min:



Bhul chuk maaf


It is really true.

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Gyani Harbhajan Singh jee Dhudhikey narrates an anecdote from the life of Sant Baba Jallan jee (aka Jallan Jatt). Babajee and his wife used to work for a person. That person was about to die. He was not a good person but he behaved well with Sant jee. Please listen to how Babajee saves him in the afterlife. This sakhi will also illustrate the advantage of respecting Saints.

Please start listening at 41:10 min:



Bhul chuk maaf

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