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Bhola the robber

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Guest BikramjitSingh

Bhola the robber

There was once a robber called Bhola whose used to sit daily on a high vantage point wearing white clothes and terrorise the road below. He was so fearless that he would tackle eight or ten men at a time and had committed countless crimes. When Baba Nanak came down the road, Bhola decended down to the road and told Baba Nanak "Remove your clothes or I will kill you".

Baba Nanak exclaimed " Well, I have fallen into your clutches, do one thing for me and I will not run away. Return home and when you arrive there put a question to your father, mother, wife and sons. You commit evil and murder to provide for them. ask them this question, when you are in trouble is there anyone in your entire family who will stand by you ?"

"You are deceiving me, you will run away" said Bhola

"Take my word for it, I will not go" promised Baba Nanak

Bhola the robber returned home and he gathered all his family together.

"Listen, I have committted a thousand murders and crimes without number to provide you with food. Tell me when I am in trouble will you share my anguish ?. Will any of you break the net of Yama. Will any of you share my suffering ?"

"Your deeds will be your companions " they all replied " As you act so you will appear before the True Court', the relationship between you and us concerns only this life, Whether a man does good or bad providing for his family, in the True Court he must answer alone. No one can be a substitute for another"

At these answers Bhola became distressed and fell on the ground, he beat the ground with both hands. " have I foolishly wasted all these years for you " He cried. " If at the end you are going to desert me then why have I spent my life committing a thousand crimes and murders while providing for you "

He went off wailing and coming to Baba Nanak fell at this feet, he then stood up and with joined palms said " I have been negligent (bhula ), forgive my sin, my whole life has been spent in this manner. Accept me, amend my life that I may be saved"

"prostrate yourself" commanded Baba Nanak. He released Bhola from the penalty of his misdeeds. Having forgiven him Baba Nanak sang the following Shabad page 729.

Bronze is bright and shiny, but when it is rubbed, its blackness appears. Washing it, its impurity is not removed, even if it is washed a hundred times. || 1 || They alone are my friends, who travel along with me; and in that place, where the accounts are called for, they appear standing with me. || 1 || Pause || There are houses, mansions and tall buildings, painted on all sides; but they are empty within, and they crumble like useless ruins. || 2 || The herons in their white feathers dwell in the sacred shrines of pilgrimage. They tear apart and eat the living beings, and so they are not called white. || 3 || My body is like the simmal tree; seeing me, other people are fooled. Its fruits are useless - just like the qualities of my body. || 4 || The blind man is carrying such a heavy load, and his journey through the mountains is so long. My eyes can see, but I cannot find the Way. How can I climb up and cross over the mountain? || 5 || What good does it do to serve, and be good, and be clever? O Nanak, contemplate the Naam, the Name of the Lord, and you shall be released from bondage. || 6 || 1 || 3

Baba Nanak then proceeded on his way.

From B40 Janamsakhi 1733

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