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Miracle in Southall, UK

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Khalsa Fateh,

This interesting chapter is from Excellence of Sikhism by Sarup Singh Alag (chapter 6, page 88 ).

It demonstrates that an Ardas performed from the heart never goes unheard.

(It’s a liitle long, but well worth the read!):


A Spectacular moment of Sikhism

Sikhs’ close association with God

During the hot summer of 1976, one of the passionate news regarding Sikhs’ close association with God was inflamed in all newspapers of England and Europe.

British television and radio media also covered this news with interest. In that year the summer was very hot and there were no rains. It is well known that the British weather is quite unpredictable. It could be sunshine one minute and rain or snow the next moment.

Department of meteorology keeps people informed about the weather forecast through the media of radio and television. The weather forecast is normally right but still one can see some middle aged pedestrians carrying umbrellas, raincoats and wearing gum boots amidst the sunny weather because it is unpredictable and can change suddenly. But probably in 1976 the god of rain was displeased with Britishers.

It did not rain for several weeks and people started feeling the pinch. The government encouraged people to economise on the use of water and stop watering the garden with fresh water. Next came the ban on car washing and then cuts on tub baths. The government suggested to people who could afford it to go abroad for holidays to avoid the water shortage problems.

When after taking all these measures the situation did not improve and consistently went on worsening and the Water reservoirs levels depleted seriously, the authorities asked its residents to pray according to their own rites and request God for the grace of rain.

Thus everybody prayed for rain but nothing happened. Looking at the miserable conditions the meteorologists forecasted that there was no hope of any rain at all for the next many days. Hearing this sad news the Sikhs made up their mind to do a group prayer. It was decided that the following day the ‘Akhand Path’ or continuous reading of Guru Granth Sahib would be started.

With great reverence it was announced that at the ending ceremony of the ‘Bhog’ followed by the ‘Ardas’ prayer and ‘Hukamnama’ mandate, God listening to the prayer of his dear devotees, will certainly shower His grace in the form of heavy rain. The Singhs appealed to all their fellow Sikhs residing in Britain, where ever they were living in the country to do meditation for all the duration of ‘Akhand Path’ and pray for the rain.

As a result of this announcement being published, everyone’s attention was automatically drawn towards the Sikhs. Some people ridiculed Sikhs’ declaration but others thought that the confidence with which Sikhs have announced for the rainfall, indicates that they must have some supernatural power, otherwise they know how they will be ridiculed if the pronouncement does not come true. The ‘Akhand Path’ started at the agreed time at Gurdwara sahib in Southall. All the Sikh san gats from all over England started their prayers so that Wonderful Lord ‘Waheguru takes mercy and fulfils the desires of His people. Each and every heart was full of confidence, reverence and selfless service: On the third day when the ‘Bhog’ ceremony was being completed, the sky was clear with no sign of~clouds. The ‘Ardas’ prayer was performed by Baba Jagjit Singh with such affection, sweetness and humility that all the people in the congregation felt its intensity. As per the belief of the Sikhs “birthi kade na hovai jan ki ardas†meaning prayer of a true seeker never goes in vain’. The ‘Ardas’ prayer was followed by ‘Hukamnama’ (mandate), “Sawan aiya--†which was concerned with the arrival of month of rain. Then the miracle happened.

God listening to the prayer of His dear people certainly showered His grace in the form of heavy rain. Inside the Gurdwara the sermon was being read and outside the shower of rain started. For 15 minutes the sky echoed with ovations and cheeriness.

Numerous television, radio and newspaper media people who had come to see it, were delighted. The Sikh congregation, as a mark of thankfulness, had the name of the Wonderful Lord ‘Waheguru’ and Guru Nanak on their lips. The environment was surcharged with a feeling of happiness, bliss and reverence. The rain showered for quite some time and the land was full of water all over England. The disappointed hearts were full of happiness once again.

Next day this miracle of Sikhs was praised through the TV, Radio and news media. The Sikhs and Baba Jagjit Singh were thanked by the royal family and the British government. When the rain did not stop for sometime, English people started joking with the Sikhs that they have probably forgotten to pay the agreed fee to God for the request of rain.

Due to this supernatural incidence the curiosity of people to know more about Sikh religion increased. English people started asking every Sikh how could they dominate God on their side? In the reply there were lot of reports in the newspapers that if a Sikh seriously accepts with confidence and reverence, the Sikh practical way of life, which the Sikh Gurus after their toil of 239 years have taught him, then all the supernatural and mystic powers will be ready to obey him. Therefore the words of a selfless prayer uttered from the tongue of a Sikh cannot go in vain. That is why Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru, imparted his own image to Sikbs in the form of uncut hair, full beard and turban and baptised them with the blessing of ‘Amrit’ (Nectar).Guru’s own command is:

“Khalsa mero roop hai khas,

Khalse mein haun karo(n) niwasâ€

Khalsa is my own special form,

I do reside in the Khalsa.

With this single incidence it became evident in the whole western world that the Wonderful Lord has moulded Sikhs exactly in His own form. He has otherwise moulded all other human beings also in the same form but most of the world people have chosen themselves to cut their hair and beard. Sikhs are the only people who have accepted and respected the natural form given to them and therefore only they can be called His real heirs.

Some white people have started to believe that probably the long hair of Sikhs are really working like the antenna to receive the unlimited power of the Timeless Entity, because the way God has listened to their prayers, He has not listened to any others. With this incidence the non-Sikhs became quite aware about the Sikh religion and importance of hair, but due to lack of preaching and solid publicity, this sentiment could not be strengthened. But despite this, it cannot be ignored that Sikhs have been blessed with a unique power from the Sikh Gurus.

“Gursikha under(i) Satiguru wartai

chun(i) kadhe kzdhoware†(SGGS, Saloka M 4, p. 312)

God himself resides in Guru’s Sikhs,

He has selected the worthy ones.

The incidence of rain which happened in England due to the prayers of the Sikhs and reported in some newspapers of England has been recorded here for the interest of the readers:

Southall Gazette-Friday 27 August, 1976

“The organisers of the Southall Bank Holiday Show had to cancel the colourful programme of fireworks because due to the lack of water, the fire engines were not available or prepared to serve in case of any serious fireâ€.

Norwood cricket club had to abandon play for the whole season

because the ground was full of big cracks due to lackness of water.

To get rid of this distressed situation a great Sikh personality Baba

Jagjit Singh, who is expected to do a miracle of bringing rain in

Britain, has arrived at Gurdwara Sahib in Southallâ€.

Evening Mail-Saturday 28 August, 1976

When the Sikh prayers for the rain started in Southall Gurdwara, its president S. Mangat said that there is no need to be afraid, there won’t be any floods due to these rains, there will be just sufficient rain. This newspaper also published a half page photograph of the Singhs performing Kirtan in front of Guru Granth Sczhib.

This newspaper writes that the effect of the prayers is becoming evident because this morning it rained in west London, from which it appears that the Sikhs’ forecast will come true. Sikh congregations have been successful in sending their message to God.

When Sikhs were asked as to why were they so keenly active to bring rains to Britain, they said that their religion seeks the welfare for all. Secondly because of the lack of rain the Government had forced a three-day-working-week which increased the economic sufferings for many and increased the shop-goods prices as well. Therefore the president of Southall Gurdwara Dr. Niranjan Singh Mangat was determined to pray to God to bring rain to reduce the distress of people.

Guardian Saturday 28 August, 1976

The headline read “Prayers of Sikh Representatives Accepted†report by Rev. Parry.†In London the umbrellas shut for the last six weeks were opened when the rain started as a result of Sikh prayers being accepted. People came out of their houses swinging and dancing with happiness and started walking out with open umbrellasâ€.

News Agent-London

The representative of this newspaper David Macmillan has written that, “In case of bringing rain, Sikhs have succeeded 100%â€.

Steam Fair organiser J. Weston-Web has been alarmed from this prayer. He has made all arrangements for a bank holiday fair at Tewkesbury in Glouchestershiré. Due to the rains his fair could be a disaster and he might lose £ 15,000. He was confident that Sikhs’ prayer for the rain will be definitely accepted but he will be financially ruined. Therefore he would be going to sue them in the court for his losses. In reply to this, Sikhs explained to him that the rain was required for the welfare of all and at the same time they would pray for no rain at the site of his fair. Look at the miracle of nature that it did not rain in Tewkesbury, Glouchestershire where he had arranged the fair. The Wonderful Lord listened to Sikhs’ prayer so minutely. The same newspaper writes further that as a result of the prayer, it rained so heavily that due to rain the hovercraft from Dover to Calais could not operate.

Daily Express

This Newspaper in its Saturday 28 August, 1976 edition, through its reporter Johan Burns, writes in a happy mood that the rain which had gone on holidays has come back at the invitation of the Sikhs. What a wonderful shower rain is there. Bravo! bravo!

“Bhagta di sada tu rakhda har(i)jeeo

dhur(i) tu rakhda aiya (SGGS, M 3, p. 637)

(God! you preserve the dignity of devotees, You really have been upholding it right from the beginning.)

Don’t you think that the above mentioned reports published in different newspapers of England prove that Sikhs, Sikhism, and the glory of Sikh Gurus is superb in the whole world. Every religious person can be proud of it because it strengthens the faith that God listens to the prayers of its devotees and preserves their dignity and honour.



Khalsa Fateh!

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Dear Fateh Singh Ji,

Sorry to hear about your cough ! :wink:

Perhaps the darshan of these photographs - taken at the time of the 'Southall Miracle' 1976 - will make you feel better !

Enjoy ! (Best enjoyed with some 'Masaley vaali Chaa' to help ease your cough :) )




(** From 'Southall - A Home from Home , a photographic journey through little India - Dennis Morris - 1999 - Olympus Cameras).

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Wah Wah Freed Ji.. Dil Khush Kar Ditta.. Satgur Darshan Agan Nivari, Satgur Bhetat Haumai Mari... I was going to start a topic about something.. but I am in no mood for that anymore... all debates are waste of time..

Unfortunately there are too many 'haters' and 'burners' (they should all be thrown into a pit so we'll have enough heat and energy for the next millenium) :) who will be 'offended' by these pictures. I have saved these pictures and will forward them to the Namdhari Sangat Southall website owner to upload on his website. It will be great if you could kindly remove these from this forum so no one is 'offended'.

Many many, MANY thanks. If you have more of such great pictures please please PLEASE pm me.

Best regards to you and your family.

Fateh Singh

P.S. I only drink Namdhari Chahta ;):LOL:

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lol bringin rain is no big feat.. who cares.. !!

the fact is the most amazing thing that the saints of akaal purakh including the naamdhari satguru baba jagjit singh ji, is that they bring the rains of naam and truth to the people of this world. That miracle occurs on a daily basis.. so who cares about the rains.. :P

ps.. i think im in that pic.. second pic just to the left of the guy giving out parshad and laughing (probably coz he just farted)..

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