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Sristee Da Vichar Ki Hai??

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fateh ji.

this a question that my Guru has asked. Im trying to figure out what an answer could be.

A possible answer is/could be.

Jehseh Jal teh BudBudha, aur trang akar.

Teseh Purun Brahm teh, Janoh Srist Vichar.

(note to moderaters, please include a gurmukhi script. I know that you are trying, but please. Hurry Up!!! :D )

I understand (i think) bits of it. But not brill.

Guessing that it means, as the water increase as so does the trang (samunder) Like a purun Brahm, We understand the srist. :? yep im confused as well. Help!!!

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ts a metaphor....not literal

Whats a metaphor, The question or the answer that i found.

sorry if it sounds like a stupid question, just trying to elimate the confusion.

Im also guessing that the answers to the questions are within the granths somewhere. You just got to read them to find out. Would this be correct!!?

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