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Bhaji, Guru Ji says:

Vich duniya sew kamaaee, tah dargeh baisan paeeai

In the midst of this world do Sewa, and you shall obtain a place of honour at the Lord's court

I was listening to Giani Maskeen Ji, and he was doing Vichaar on this very topic. He said that the true Sewa is when you help someone to such an extent that you help him/her reach your level.

This is why it is impossible for a politician to fulfill true Sewa, because for them the power hungry race is more important, and helping someone reach your level would be difficult and would endanger their own position.

For instance, if you are helping someone financially, help them in such a way that he/she can become independant as you are and help others, there is no point in just donating little to satisfy your own conscience as this will not solve the root of the problem, only the surface.

Bhul Chuk Dee Khima


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