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Is being vegan compatible with sikh traditions


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17 hours ago, sarabatam said:

Just wondering if being vegan compatible with sikh traditions. I understand vegan foods are somewhat satoguni but they refrain milk, cheese from their diet. It seems to me being vegan is more trendy than thought out healthy diet.

Your thoughts? 

Being vegan will reduce your lekha for sure. As Ragnarok jee mentioned that dairy industry is cruel in the west, so people who consume those products will also have to pay the lekha for it.  You can become a vegan, but Daas was wondering what would you do with Karah Prashad (as it is made of a Milk product). IMHO, refusing Karah Prashad is like refusing the grace of Maharaaj. Other than this issue, a Sikh can become a vegan.  

You might need to take some supplements to ensure no deficiency arises in your body.


Bhul chuk maaf

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Although Guru Granth Sahib recommends aVegetarian diet, the best meal for a modern Sikh is Vegan.

It may have been possible to be Vegatarian at the time when people lived in villages around farms.

But in the modern age with factory farming, Vegan is the way to go.

This is because the Dairy industry feeds into the Meat industry.

Cows are impregnated so that they will give birth to a calf and begin to produce milk, this calf then is taken away from the mother and slaughtered, the cow itself is later slaughtered when she stops giving milk. The male calves are always slaughtered whereas the female calf maybe raised to produce milk and/or slaughtered.

With the amount of people we have it is unsustainable to produce ethical milk, if milk was ever ethical to begin with.

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