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Lack of sikhi subreddits - need one for SA


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I have been going on the Sikh subreddit on Reddit. It is run by american sikhs and get a lot of non-sikh viewers and posts as well. Some external people interested in sikhi or even becoming sikhs post too!

There needs to be more sikhi subreddit forums on there, at the moment it's way too concentrated, and I am suggesting sikhawareness make one on there.

There are many curious people from around the world on there.

But my idea is not to have a separate forum on there, and instead just feed sikhawareness threads into a sikhawareness subreddit, this way minimal resources are required to manage the subreddit. I am sure this will also increase sikhawareness guests or member. Have a look at the r/sikh subreddit to get an idea how things are like on there.

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Check this thread out, it has a lot of people who became sikhs.

To open a new subreddit, I think you need to be using Reddit for a while. Let me know if I can help at all.

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Make a Reddit account(s) first so I can make you admin(s). You can still be an admin using a new account, just can't create new SubReddits.

I even saw that Basics of Sikhi seem to have a private one, maybe they are/were experimenting with Reddit as well.

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