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Male or Female


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Does it matter whether we are male or female??? This relates in a way to women not being allowed to do sewa at Sri Harmandir Sahib...isn't gender difference just so that humans can reproduce? It's what's on the inside that counts...no?

On a different issue slightly...women are by nature more suited to nurturing children. I am not saying that all women should stay at home and look after the children, but in my opinion, when children are quite young they yearn for their mata's love the most, no? I am not saying women cannot go out to work and leave the father to look after the children...that really would wrong to say, but what are other people's view on this subject, and in particular if they have any personal experiences to draw upon?

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hey! Well even thought sikhism has promoted equality for women through many years it hasn't been practiced, im my opinion. I feel that women are just as equal as men, and now and days women are treated equally. THere is always this occasional uncle or so who just drives you up the wall about how girls can't do stuff. This reminds me of the time when i was at sikh youth camp when i was 13. I wanted to play soccer, because I LOVE SOCCER, :) and this uncle who was organising it didn't let me play because i was a girl. HE didn't let my friends or other girls play as well. He thought that the boys had more skills and more of a sporty spirit. IT makes me mad when people make those assumptions. I was very upset, and especially in a sikh camp this kind of thing happend. Later on my older cousin told him off, and girls could start to play with the boys, and it was fun. But i think mostly women are treated equally. And we are given a chance to do everything. And yes in my opinion women are good at their traditional roles but also other roles too. And in gurdwara i think more men should be helping with making langar and more women doing organized sports and helping in the hall!

Peace, Love and lots of happiness.... :D


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After Reading some of Lil Princess's comments i agree with her. Most of the time Women are treated equally but on occasion u do get the old chacha chachi who have to point the differences out.

I have noticed that Fathers tend to be more closer to their Daughters ( little princess's ) and mothers tend to be more closer to sons.

So i think that the situation isn't that bad really.

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