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False Recension (Copy) of SGGS by Bhai Banno

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Taken from the history book "The Masters & The World Divine" by S. J. S. Pall, Page no. 97

"Bhai Banno, a prominent Sikh at the time of Guru Arjan Dev, who had taken the first compilation of the Holy Book to Lahore for the purpose of binding. It is believed that in the course fo his journey to Lahore, he first went to his village, where he prepared his own copy of the Holy Book. This recension is now known as Bhai Banno's Beer. Although, it is the copy of the original recension written by Bhai Gurdas Ji also known as Bhai Gurdas Beer or Kartarpuri Beer, there appears to be some interpolation made therein due to which reason, the same is not considered as on authentic recension. The recension was first installed by Bhai Banno in this own house at Khara-Mangat in Phalia Tehsil of Gujarat District (now in Pakistan). This recension is still available with the decendants of Bhai Banno..."

My questions out of curisity is: What were the interpolations which occurred in Bhai Banno's Beer, which resulted in it being rejected as un-authentic recension. Now as a matter of fact Bhai Banno ji was handed over the original hand written Adi Granth of our Gurus. How it was established that there are some interpolations... and what happend to Bahi Banno after the fact was known ? And why the currupt copy not destroyed by Sikh at that time/ Why did they not made the effort to recover the the false retension of SGGS from the decendants of Bhai Banno? Why subsequently no effort was made to recover that copy? What is the status of that Recension now ?

Somewhere in the history books it is written that Guru Gobin Singh Ji had requested Bhai Banno's decendants to hand over the copy of that Beer so that the same could be consulted... but they refused... What could be the reasons for their refusal ?

I dont have much knowledge of History but while reading these history books some points create questions which althogth irrelivant create intrigue in mind... so I would feel oblidged if some one could clear the matter...

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Guest Javanmard


Mann, Gurinder. 1997 (?). The Goindval Pothis, Harvard: Harvard University Press.

Boring book but some passages on the role of scriptural revelation in SIkhism might be useful to answer your question. :D

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Also read

'Early Sikh Scriptural Tradition: Myth and Reality', Balwant Singh Dhillon, Singh Brothers, Amritsar

you can read a review of the book here:


also, a short essay entitled "myth and reality - a peep into the goindwal pothis" is available here : http://www.sikhstudies.org/Periodicals.asp?TtlCod=1169

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Guest BikramjitSingh

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Another great book on the subject is 'Aad Bir bare' by Professor Sahib Singh. The english translation of the book is 'About Compilation of Guru Granth Sahib'. Professor Sahib Singh discusses the whole issue of the compliation of the Guru Granth Sahib. He uses rational argument to dispute the myths that Sikhs writers in the 19th centuries have created about the compilation of the Guru Granth Sahib. The main writer being Giani Gian Singh who created the myth of the Bhai Banno Bir as being also an authentic Bir.

An excellent read



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