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please take 5 mins out to read all this......THANX...)))

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Vaheguru ji ka khalsaaa, Vaheguru ji ki fatehhhh

please take 5 mins out to read all this......please sikhs ppl read and learn......

Hate: we hate someone because they hurt us.




A GurSikh gets hurt when they see Sikhs cutting their hair, trimming

their beirds, taking the turban of Guru Gobind Singh ji into un-

gursikh places like pubs and


A GurSikh gets hurt when they see Sikhs wearing a Kara and raising a

pint of beer in the same hand.

A GurSikh gets hurt when they see a Sikh raising a cigarrette to the

same mouth that was eating Guru's langar just a few days before.

These things rightly hurt the Gursikh because those Sikhs have

turned their back on the Shabd Guru's teachings.

The Trap the GurSikh falls into is Hate. Hate consumes the GurSikh

because all the those people have insulted what s/he holds closest

to their heart.

Maya's friend Hate was invisible, unsmellable and

undetectable...hate sneaked into the gursikh's mind and body temple

like a trained Ninja Warrior.

O GurSikh pyari-o jee, dont let hate enter your temple for any

reason whether it's personal hurt

or religious insults.

O GurSikh pyari-o, Guru jee has taught us that Waheguru ji resides

in every heart...so we are only hating Waheguru ji if we hate anyone

at all.

O gurSikh pyari-o, Guru ji has taught us the mortal will be judged

by actions alone. Criticise their actions, call the actions bad, deal with actions...but dont hate the person.

There is a Sakhi (historic event) about a great Sant-Sipahee...he

truly had attained one-ness with Waheguru ji and had mastered

weaponary too. In the battlefield he fought for justice. His

opponent had been overpowered and lay on his back on the floor. The

Sant-sipahee was about to destroy the sinner by plunging the sword

of Akal into his chest, when the opponent spat in the Sant-Sipahee's

face. The Sant-Sipahee's blood boiled, rage and fury burned him for

a moment, he raised his sword with new fervour.but stopped the

sword in mid-swing!. The enemy was shocked, expecting to be dead, he grunted 'Kill Me Sikh, you have beaten me'.

The Sant-Sipahee replied, 'Before I was fighting for justice,

against the evil actions of your army, and destroying you was

destroying injustice. When you spat in my face I wanted to kill you

because you insulted ME. I was going to kill you out of ANGER AND

HATE. I would have to have been reborn because of that, so I have spared you'.

The enemy soldier was so incredibly amazed at the Khalsa soldier,

that within a few months he left his troops and joined the Khalsa.

Criticise and Punish the


Love the Person.....It's a hard path to followfiner than a hair and

sharper than a sword.

bhul chuk maaf jee

Vaheguru ji ka khalsaaa, Vaheguru ji ki fatehhhh


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