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Instant Manifestation Of A Kabul Sikh

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Sri Gur Pratap Suraj Granth Raas 1 Ansu 55 - Kavi Santokh Singh

" The construction service for Baoli was being rendered continuously by the sikhs. Those Who came under the gracious glance of the Guru attained the light of knowledge. The lime prepared nicely and grounded with love alongwith bricks and mud were being bought over their heads. No one was guiding anyone, everyone was absorbed in His service. Some came back after delivery and others went in with the ingredients to the artisans. As they performed service with love, the clairvoyant Guru would know it. He fulfilled their wishes, as He pervaded within all of them.

One of the sikhs of the Guru lived in Kabul, who had a very chaste wife. She was absorbed in love and affection for him at all times and none else came in her thoughts. That sikh gave instruction regarding the tenets of blissful Sikhism to his wife. That lady attained the wonderful power by which she could reach instantly wherever she wanted. Within a very short time, she could go to thousands of miles without getting delayed. With having such great power and with absorption in love for her husband, she came to know of the services of the sikhs at the site of Baoli Sahib, where the work was on under the supervision of the Guru, the treasure of great qualities.

With small service, one could attain great reward. Thus who could leave the performance of such service? That lady came from kabul and performed service of digging and carrying the materials. She used to take the lime and bricks to the artisans with great love and eagerness. While doing work, she did not talk to anyone, worshipping the feet of the Guru in her heart. When the night was near, she became invisible and returned to her home in kabul. She had meals with her family, keeping her son close to her. In the morning she would come again suddenly and begin her services remembering Guru Nanak Dev. The others would feel surprised and could not know the secret of that lady. While performing service, she would stretch her hand in order to swing the cradle and then continue her work, but again after some time she would stretch her hand for swinging the cradle. Wherefrom she comes and where she goes always? the sikhs could not know it and thus were marvelled. they could not even know the secret of stretching the hand and felt greatly surprised. They discussed the issue amongst themselves, but no one could know the reason. She was inwardly conscious with concentrated attention and work incessantly. She was always busy in service performing lovingly, ever alert in effort and without idleness.

Several days passed this way, the sikh brethren were ever in wonder. All of them gathered together and went to the True Guru, Guru Amar Daas. They asked with great surprise: "Oh True Lord! A lady comes and performs service alongwith other sikhs. In the evening she disappears. We try to see her, but she is nowhere to be seen. When the day dawns, she is visible again and performs service like other sikhs. there is another wonderful thing done by her, while performing service, wherever she sits she stretches her hand and then puts it back in natural position. We have been watching her, but have not been able to know the secret. For many days we have watched her, but today we want to know her secret from your honour. Tell us who is she and from which town and home she comes? How she reaches there and how she disappears? be kind and tell us and remove the illusion from our mind."

On listening to the request of his sikhs, the Guru said "there is a sikh of mine in kabul, this lady is his wife and both of them love each other very much. She is a virtuous and chaste woman and very fortunate. she is ever ready for the service of the Guru. She considers her husband as God and ever ready to obey his commands. the thought of anyone else does not come to her mind and is ever absorbed in the love of her husband. She contemplates the Guru in her heart and never tells this to anyone. her husband has asked her to perform the service of the Guru and thus serving her husband, she has attained the powers. She comes and goes according to her wish like the adepts. In the morning she comes to perform service and when the evening falls, she goes back to her home in kabul. She puts her son in the cradle. While performing the service here, she scans him and stretching her hand swings the cradle. While doing the work, she stretches her hand and thus uses her power for swinging. From this place she fondles her son with affection pursues her service.

She goes back during the night and takes care of him and feels very happy with her husband and son. For a wife there is no dharma like fidelity for her husband, which bestows on her such powers."

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