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Can a punjabi (non sikh) take amrit or not?

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2 hours ago, Puneet Ahuja said:

I want to take amrit . I am ready to follow all rehat. I belong to a punjabi family. Can i take amrit or not. I started wearing turban about 2 months ago . 

Veer ji its a really good step so far. Have you started to do any nitnem banis or simran ? And if you avoid meat alchool tobacoo hair cutting etc then its fine to take amrit and build up step by step with banis paaths etc.

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50 minutes ago, Puneet Ahuja said:

I am reading and hearing banis early morning from a very long time . I am not taking alcohol and such things. And i am not cutting my hair but my hair are not so long. So is it possible to take amrit at this stage .


Yes veer ji you can take amrit. You are the perfect match for taking amrit.

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21 minutes ago, Puneet Ahuja said:

Yess veer ji , i have already seen all these videos. But thank u so much for the help. I will definitely take amrit now on new year as i have decided earlier. Thank u so much for the help and support. Thanku veer ji .

Veer ji glad to help and i hope you take amrit and stay in chardikala !!

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