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Ancient Wisdom?

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It's been a long while since I've been on here. I hope everyone is well. Last time I was on here I was a practing bahai, which lasted about six months. After leaving the bahais, I've studied kababalah and gnosticism. I have always really struggled with the labels of religion and my religious identity. My family is Christian.

I discovered the teachings of hermeticism, which is a 3rd century or so philosphy from Alexandria, which was a very diverse spirtual center at the time. It tells the myth of Hermes Trismegistus (the thrice great Hermes) who was a prophet, perhaps the same as Enoch in the Bible (Idris in the Quran) or Toth of the Egyptians. This man was the first to be given wisdom of the hidden things of God and their teachings have been passed on since then.

I say it's a myth because I don't believe this literally. But I do believe throughout time mankind has had simmilar mystical insights. Hereclitus, a Greek philospher who wrote in 300 BCE, of a logos or Word that eternally existed and was common (existing everywhere) but of which most are ignorant. I think this Word is the same entity discussed in John of the Christians or the Spirit of Revelation of the Bahais and is realted to the Angel who gave Mohammed the Quran. This sounds new agey, and perhaps it is, but it is nice to find the idea has very old roots.


What's the Sikh thoughts on this? What is the origin of the Sikh revelation?


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