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I HATE realmedia!!!


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i know this has been discussed somewere before, and i did a search, and i couldn't find anything. i hope you guys don't mind..

this i my issue

I have realmedia audio... the tricky thing is that it's Real Media JUKEBOX

so it's a .rmj file

i only like .mp3....

if it was a .ram, i have no problem..i jus run my copy of Streambox Ripper, and then i'm happy..but with the .rmj file, i'm getting some wierd trance-like tamil/urdu/arabic funky stuff... does anyone know how i can change my .rmj's into mp3s???

thanks in advance!


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well thats not hard. In ur audio settings Turn ur mic off, turn ur line in and extra stuff off. Keep the volume control on and wave balance. then Play the Rmj file and also record it at the same time using another audio recorder. U will have to find the rite volume that works for ur song it means recording a bit of the song and then listening to it and adjusting the voulme. Once u found the one that suites u , record ur song fully and save it as mp3.

Meanwhile i will try lookin for a program that converts the audio files. good luck

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