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What is the point of Philosophy?


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What are your most important questions?

Oh I wishing someone would pick up this Topic... It strikes me that the role of philosophy should be an attempt to answer the really deep questions that count, not necessarily the dry technical questions over pedantics and semantics. Below is my list. Please make up your own in reply!

1. Does God exist?

2. How can Muslim and Western world views co-exist?

3. What can Buddhism teach us?

4. Should abortion be legal?

5. Is there such a thing as good and evil?

6. What’s the best way to live?

7. Should we care about animals?

8. Should we be more compassionate?

9. What is consciousness?

10. Are mind and matter the same thing?

11. Does time flow?

12. Are we the same person we were five years ago?

13. How do you know you’re not dreaming?

14. Is there such thing as cause and effect?

15. Do we have a free will?

16. Is time travel possible?

17. What is truth?

18. What is reality really like?

19. What is the ideal state of the future?

20. Should America rule the world?

21. Are wars justified?

22. What is the role of punishment?

23. Is democracy the answer?

24. Is globalised capitalism a good thing?

25. Should there be borders?

26. Can scientific theories be true?

27. What is the role of science in society?

If we had the answers to these, philosophy could save the world! What are your most important questions?

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