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Discussion: What the next generation need to do? Jagraj Singh (BoS)

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Yes of course.Financial power without Political influence is useless.But to accumulate Political influence , Financial Power is necessary.Through political donations and sponsorships,fellowships,gala dinners etc, a small minority would be able to wield significance influence over a majority.

The issue is this has to be a concerted effort by influential and motivated people from the community who have the backing of the rest of the community.

the goal here would be for the betterment of the panth and not for personal or family gain like it is happening now.In the real world not everyone gets to be king,which is a problem we face where everyone wants to be dictating their own terms which is not in sync with the main agenda.

We need a clear operation hierarchy where everyone knows their role and fulfills it without stepping on the toes of others.

5 hours ago, chatanga1 said:

 Sikhs in the UK are considered quite educated and financially strong, but we don't seem to get much else done here.

The question to ask is what is being done with all that money?It mostly remains in private hands used to fund a few little private charities.Nothing major.Nothing overly political.Just usual charity or religious sponsorships etc.

There should be 1 entity or Mega fund that should be dedicated to realize certain missions and goals.A portion of Money from all other high income individuals or organizations can flow into this mega fund which in turn could finance lobbying groups etc.

As you say,they are quite educated and financially strong but at the moment they are scattered like sun rays.It's warm and you might get sun burnt but it can hardly do more damage than that.The best is to get concentrated and become like a laser ,that when pointed at a target it has the capability to bring the desired results.

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