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Sat Sri Akaal everyone

I was a bit confused on this topic above. Yesterday I called my mom after a while and during our general conversation she asked me ' if I am doing waheguru simran. I confirmed yes n whilst talking she somehow told me that '. 'unhaanu jhalkare pende hann'. saying that she got so awkward asbif she has revealed such a top secret that she may be punished for it. She did not speak to me further as I tried to question her and handed over the phone to Dad. I wanted to ask a lot of things.. What did she mean when she said ' jhalkare' ? Is she getting amrit Rass but .. 

I was left in awe. i mean my own mom, and she's hiding it from ME ? Is that a rule in bhakti? Shall I call her again to talk about it? It seems she won't but I am her child so can insist so shall I? Please advice wise people.

This has affected me really, I have been thinking about it all the time

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